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2012 Running Back Draft Rankings

JF March 14, 2012 Comments Off on 2012 Running Back Draft Rankings
Trent Richardson | Cleveland Browns | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Trent Richardson should be an immediate fantasy football starter. (Photo by Mike Pettigano/BSD)


#1 Trent Richardson – Richardson is by far the #1 RB in the draft and it’s not even close.  For being 5 foot 9, he runs with great pad level and power.  Richardson could go as high as #4 to Cleveland or #5 to Tampa Bay.

#2 LaMichael James – When James declared for the draft, I thought he was going to be the #4 RB on the board and thought he should stay in college.  After the combine he showed his speed, hands and is now the #2 RB on my list.  James is being compared to Darren Sproles and a lot of teams could use that type of player on their team.  I think he is a late 1st round talent, but most likely will be a top to mid 2nd round pick.  Some teams at the end of the first round that could look at taking James would be the Packers, Ravens or Giants.

#3 David Wilson – Wilson is more of a complete back than LaMichael James, but James has that WOW factor.  Wilson has good top end speed, but lacks the initial burst.  Wilson is a true blend of both worlds (explain what this is to people) compared to Richardson and James.  Like James, I look for Wilson to go in the top to mid 2nd round.  Teams in the 2nd round that need a RB and could look at Wilson are the Browns, Bucs, Cardinals, Jets and Bengals.

#4 Lamar Miller – Miller is an explosive RB that can hit the hole, make a cut and is gone – kind of like me leaving my friends with the bar tab at the end of the night.  Miller hurt his shoulder in 2011 and needs to show teams that he can come back, put his shoulder down and break a tackle.  Miller should come off the board in the mid 2nd to early 3rd round.

#5 Doug Martin – Martin is a well rounded RB that has very good hands out of the backfield.  Martin is quick with a good burst, but doesn’t have that homerun speed that teams covet.  Martin is a good between the tackles RB that should go between the mid 2nd and mid 3rd round.

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