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Andre Johnson Aftermath – Return of the (Rushing) King - Fantasy Football Tips | Fantasy Football Advice | Fantasy Football Draft and Weekly Pickups Inside the Redzone

Andre Johnson Aftermath – Return of the (Rushing) King

Inside the Redzone staff October 5, 2011 1


Arian Foster | RB1 | start of the week

With Andre Johnson out, Arian Foster will be leaned on even more (Photo by Brit_2).


by Inside the Redzone staff – Matt Hall


Arian Foster’s value and fantasy points increase in the wake of Andre Johnson’s hamstring injury (get well Andre). This is major fantasy news because of this injury can linger and/or reoccur. Since his injury will sideline him for 3 weeks on the low-end, the biggest beneficiary is Arian Foster. Do what you can to pick him up from owners who foolishly think they are “selling high”.


Arian Foster is a workhorse and loved by all fantasy owners who have him. With Andre Johnson being out of the lineup you know that Foster is going to get more carriers and even more passing targets in the passing game (remember he caught 66 passes in 2010). He has shown he can consistently carry a heavy work load, which usually translates into fantasy takeover the game type numbers. So are you convinced to seek out the Arian Foster owner to offer a trade, but don’t know what to give up? Here’s a clue, give up the farm. He’s that good. If you are deep at running back, I would shoot for the sky and see what happens.



Sure, there is a con. And to beat you to the devil’s advocate punch, I’ll summarize, Foster has just come back from his own hamstring injury. For those who have ever had a hamstring problem you know they always seem to bother you until you give it a lot of rest. But that’s normal people speak, today’s NFL players are getting plasma transplants, stem cell treatment, other super hero sh*t, you name it. Last week Foster did not rest. He helped the Texans dominate the Steelers with a short handed backfield (Both Derrick Ward and Ben Tate down due to injury), doing his best to not look human. Do you worry about the possible increased workload straining that hamstring? We are not doctors, but it is the lingering worry that every Foster owner will have.


Personally, I shoot for the upside and ride Foster as long as possible because he is again in position to get the clear majority of the Houston Texans rushing attempts. Plus, it’s fantasy football. Get dangerous.


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