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Austin Pettis, Fantasy Football Bye Week Play

Inside the Redzone staff October 4, 2013 1

Austin Pettis has caught 4 touchdowns in his last 6 regular season games dating back to 2012.

The short area 6’3 and taller receiver with average speed will never be a weekly starter on a winning fantasy football team. However, there is a spot on your bench for that type of player. Remember “Big Mike” Williams before he completely ate his way out of the league? Or even David Nelson in the Chan Gailey offense? These guys were functional spot starts during the bye weeks.

Austin Pettis is in that mold. He probably won’t exceed 1,000 yards in the 2013 season, but catching 6 or more touchdowns is a decent bet. Pettis has earned Sam Bradford’s trust as witness by catching 4 touchdowns in their last 6 regular season games together (last 2 of 2012, 2 in 4 games to start the 2013 season). He nearly had a touchdown against the 49ers in week 4, but Donte “Hitner” Whitner’s helmet to helmet hit caused the drop.

The Rams receiver core is still in flux. While, Tavon Austin is talented, he might not be as NFL ready as scouts thought he would be. Chris Givens and Brian Quick have better speed measurables, and Givens seems to be the guy most likely to bust out. But he is listed at just 6 feet tall and the Rams are devoid of a goal line closer of a running back. This makes Pettis’ goal line skills even more valuable to the Rams and could add some value on a fantasy football bench.

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  1. ffl insider October 13, 2013 at 8:32 pm -

    I dropped Givens earlier this week. Glad I did!