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Better Trade Down Partner, Rams or Vikings?

JF February 25, 2012 Comments Off on Better Trade Down Partner, Rams or Vikings?
Vikings taking Justin Blackmon?

Could Percy Harvin be joined by Justin Blackmon in the 2012 season? (Photo by Rick Burtzel)


There are a handful of teams in need of a franchise QB who are likely considering trading up to draft Robert Griffin III (RG3). The 3 teams most likely to make the move are the Cleveland Browns (#4 pick), Washington Redskins (#6), and Miami Dolphins (#9). The Seattle Seahawks (#11) are a sleeper team that might make the leap. The Indianapolis Colts hold the #1 pick and barring an outrageous turn of events will draft Andrew Luck. That leaves these teams contemplating moving up to #2 or #3.



The Rams own the #2 pick and appear to still be committed to third year QB Sam Bradford. So they will probably draft to build around Bradford by taking either LT Matt Kalil or WR Justin Blackmon. The #2 pick would guarantee a team RG3 but the Rams need to be careful of setting too high a ransom. Teams know the Rams won’t take RG3 so if they ask for too much in return the Vikings with the #3 pick could be the team that benefits the most from the RG3 sweepstakes.



The Vikings could move down to #4 (Cleveland) or maybe as low as #11 (Seattle), pickup multiple picks, and still draft a very good football player or two. The thing is the Vikings need a lot of help: a #1 WR (Blackmon?), LT (Kalil?), a shutdown CB (Morris Claiborne?), and that’s just off the top of my head. If the Vikings trade with Cleveland at least two of their top 3 players would still be available. If they trade down with the Redskins one of three should still be on the board. If the Vikings trade with Miami or Seattle they could be looking at shifting their sights to LT Riley Reiff or CB Dre Kirkpatrick.

If RG3 is still on the board at #3 the Vikings should draft him to trade later on (reminiscent of San Diego drafting Eli Manning in 2004 then trading him to the NY Giants). If a team doesn’t step up and trade for RG3 the Vikings would have a better QB prospect than Christian Ponder. Whatever trades do or don’t happen both the Vikings and Rams are well positioned to get better through the draft this year. The only question is whether they’ll try to maximize that potential through trading down or be content with what they’ve got.


Miami could look to see if Flynn would follow Joe Philbin to South Beach. Another name that could change teams looking for a QB is Peyton Manning. Daniel Snyder always likes to throw his money around and the prize pick could be Manning.


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