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Inside the Redzone staff November 23, 2011 6


Cam Newton | Sell High | QB1

Does Cam Newton's cloning abilities help his on field play? (Photo by CEBImagery.com)




Trade #1: Didn’t do well for me at first, but is starting to come around

I received Chris Johnson

The other guy received Ahmad Bradshaw & Deangelo Williams

Trade #2: Not paying off yet.  AJ better play like a stud starting next week!

I received Andre Johnson & Jets D

The other guy received Vincent Jackson & Lions D

Trade #3: This trade was made after week 1.  Too bad DMC still can’t get back on the field.

I received McFadden

The other guy received Mike Tolbert & Plaxico Burress

Trade #4: Can’t believe this trade happened.

The top team in a league I play in traded Santonio Holmes & Cedric Benson

And received Mike Wallace

Trade #5: Trade between a father & a son (I would rather have Jennings)

Father received Wes Welker

Son received Greg Jennings


There are the only 5 trades that have happened in my 3 leagues this year.  And I have made 3 out of the 5.  CRAZY!



I’ve made a few trades. The one I think I regret the most was the most recent deal I made, trading Larry Fitzgerald in my bonus league. I traded Matt Ryan (I own Romo) and Larry Fitzgerald for Darren Sproles and Santonio Holmes. A week later I lose Maclin to a shoulder separation, Austin to a hamstring injury two weeks ago, and Mike Wallace to a bye week. Surprisingly, I wound up winning week 11, but I’m worried about my long term outlook and I strengthened a dangerous team filled with big names like MJD, Mendenhall, and Greg Jennings. My team is 6-5 and second place in my division in a 10-team league.


The best deal I made recently is the one that brought me Vincent Jackson in exchange for Brandon Marshall and LeGarrette Blount in one of my 12-team, 50/50 leagues. I don’t really have depth at running back, but I don’t have a playmaker in general on my team either, a guy who can carry you to a win by himself. I also like the trade because I get to pair VJax up with Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald (who I tried to trade in this league several weeks back for Rob Gronkowski to no avail). I’m hoping the quartet of Cedric Benson, Jonathan Stewart, Brandon Jacobs and Tim Tebow (guy gets 60 or so rushing yards a week!) will give me good enough rushing points to win the championships.

I’ve made a few other trades as you can see below:


P**k High league – Currently 7-4

Heading into Week 5

Willis McGahee for Jordy Nelson – HINDSIGHT – My two best receivers at the time were Mike Wallace and Percy Harvin. My running backs were Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy.

later that week –

Jordy Nelson, Marshawn Lynch for Cam Newton – HINDSIGHT – Replacing Matt Ryan as my starter as I felt I needed more juice from that position in case I faced the Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees team in the playoffs. Still have the rest of the season to find that second receiver.


F*nd**w League – Currently 7-4

Heading into Before Week 1

Reggie Wayne for LeGarrette Blount – HINDSIGHT – The first 4 out of 5 picks I made were receivers. In this league a lot of people like to make trades, so I knew that night or the day after I would get a running back for a receiver.

Heading into Week 6

Reggie Bush for Greg Little – HINDSIGHT- Boy that was stupid. My friend Slav got me back for the Blount/Wayne deal.

Heading into Week 7

Maurice Morris for Brandon Jacobs – HINDSIGHT – Helped me win one game as he did great against the Patriots. Still think Bradshaw will not be the same for the rest of the year.


Kin*Bo**l League – Currently 6-5

Heading into Week 5

Willis McGahee for Matt Ryan – HINDSIGHT – This is the 10-team bonus heavy league. Romo was heading into an early bye and frankly struggling a little bit. I had hit the jackpot on low budget backs like Fred Jackson, Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, and Tolbert. Each guy had like 3 or more touchdowns at the time. As you know, Ryan wound up getting moved with Fitzgerald for Santonio Holmes and Darren Sproles since the team’s running back play began to noticeably decline.


Chicago ****! Currently 6-5

Heading into Week 8

DeSean Jackson and Willis McGahee for Vincent Jackson and Jonathan Stewart – HINDSIGHT – In hindsight, this is probably the best trade I made. I co-own this team with a friend and prior to this trade we were 3-4. Sure, Vincent Jackson is boom or bust, but if you structure your team correctly, it doesn’t hurt as much when he has his off weeks. Jonathan Stewart has actually been pretty solid despite not scoring many touchdowns. That said, this is a touchdown heavy league. Still, I like his schedule down the stretch.





I gave away – Cam Newton and Anquan Boldin

I received – Stevie Johnson and DeSean Jackson

At the time I thought I was getting a great deal.  Selling high on Newton but I ended up getting the low end of the trade.




I gave away – DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart

I received – Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers

I robbed this guy because his team was filled with injuries at the running back situation and it was the week after Williams went for 17 points.  I now just traded Turner and Lauerant Robinson for Arian Foster and Jabar Gaffney.


  1. Benji November 24, 2011 at 3:02 pm -

    You forgot to include Vernon Davis on your trade for Newton. 😉

  2. Inside the Redzone staff November 25, 2011 at 9:45 am -

    Yes, that’s right! What was your best and worst trade of the year Benji?

  3. JF November 25, 2011 at 11:20 am -

    I also gave up Green-Ellis in the trade for Turner.

    I also made one more trade before the deadline this past week.
    I gave up – D. Keller, F. Jones and M. Turner for Chris Johnson and Gronkowski.

  4. Benji November 28, 2011 at 2:56 pm -

    I didn’t have any total bombers as far as trades go, drafts on the other hand, screwed the proverbial pooch in several. Highlight trades: the Newton deals mentioned in this thread, I think I got supreme value in both. In my rookie league, dealing for F. Gore & D. Moore and I gave AJ Green, who would only have been my WR3 as I have Dalton. In rookie league, a starting QB is essentially a RB1. It will win you leagues.

  5. Benji November 28, 2011 at 2:59 pm -

    In the rookie league I need help at QB, I have McCoy and Tebow, so I think I’m going to use some depth and a keeper to try and acquire a tier 1 QB from one of the teams that has already been eliminated from playoff contention. I just have to find the right combo and I know he’ll accept… If you can’t win this year, you are better off building for next.

  6. Inside the Redzone staff December 2, 2011 at 12:52 pm -

    Agreed. Smart thinking. I wonder who will be the better QB keeper. The casual fan may be screaming Tebow through their computers, but if McCoy is deemed their future starter and gets a free agent – like DeSean Jackson. Maybe McCoy is not too bad.