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Buy Low and Sell High – Halfway Mark Fantasy Regular Season

Inside the Redzone staff October 20, 2011 2


Chris Johnson | Buy Low | RB1

Chris Johnson is a great 'Buy Low' candidate for a championship quality fantasy team. (Photo by San Diego Shooter)


We’re not at most fantasy trading deadlines, but now is a great time to solidify your roster and make it championship worthy. Our writers compiled a list of players who you can get on the cheap(er) and guys you should sell now. If you feel we missed out on someone feel free to leave us a comment. Get your GM skills warmed up and get ready to submit a few trades!



Buy Low
Brandon Lloyd – It might take some time to gel with the Rams but he will automatically become the number one receiver on the team and should be a good flex to a low end WR2 in fantasy football.
Chris Johnson – Still has the big name but his numbers tell a different story so far this year. If you can get an owner that is upset with his performance so far this year and is ready to give up on him, you can be getting a real steal. I see Chris Johnson getting back to his potential coming off the Titans bye week.
Sell High
Michael Vick – He hasn’t lived up to last year’s hype and I think that all the hits he is taking will affect him in the long run. A lot of people are still high on him and think he will get back to last year’s form. I wouldn’t wait it out. Sell when you can and get a strong fantasy quarterback in return, like Tony Romo.
Deangelo Williams – He had two OK games which probably had some owners thinking he had turned things around. But if you look close at the numbers, most of the points came on a big play. Sell him if you got him and maybe you can a tight end with wide receiving numbers like Aaron Hernadnez.

Matt Hall

Buy Low
Rashard Mendenhall – He had a big game last week against a not so bad rush defense. Still a lot of fantasy pundits are doubting his long term success. Try to capitalize on that and perhaps package 2 mediocre backs for this stud.
Philip Rivers – He only has 6 passing touchdowns and we all know he’s going to pick up the pace. He is struggling, but they are off to a good start. If you look at what Rivers has done in the second half of seasons of his career, he’d be a smart buy low at this time.

Sell High
Jimmy Graham – He is third in the league in receiving yards. That is amazing for a tight end and not likely to continue. Plus the way he is producing you could start him at the flex spot (if your league rules allow it). With Colston back, Graham should get less targets. You might be able to get Vincent Jackson or possibly Larry Fitzgerald right now, because of all the Jimmy Graham hype.
Darren McFadden – If you are going to sell him, you better ask and get the farm. I think his value right now is the highest it might ever get. Plus the buzz around the Raiders is sky high with Carson Palmer. The reason I would move him is their shaky quarterback situations. Is it a slam dunk that Carson Palmer will play as good or better than Jason Campbell? You should look at getting two players for DMC, Ray Rice and Fred Jackson + another asset.


Tom Brady | QB1 | 12 team league

Tom Brady and Chad Ochocinco will try to get on the same page. (Photo by Beth Hart)


Dan Lehto

Buy Low
Fred Jackson – It could be argued that he would be a sell high candidate, but after a few weeks of trying to do that, I am convinced that no one is convinced he will keep this going. I couldn’t get Chris Johnson in a head’s up trade for him, so believe me when I say this, F-Jax is a buy low candidate.
Antonio Gates – There are injury concerns swirling around him and it is risky, but now is the time to buy in on the perennial fantasy football top tight end.
Andre Johnson – News of him being out for up to 6 weeks poses a great buy low opportunity for owners that need performance today.
Steven Jackson – Now that Brandon Lloyd is in town, it could be just the thing to finally get the Rams offense going. S-Jax should thrive.
Sell High
Tom Brady – I am a little concerned about his arm, not to mention his diminishing numbers over the past few weeks. He is still Tom Brady, but now might be a good time to dangle him on the open market.
Frank Gore – He is one step from breaking his ankle, leg, fingernail….I love what the 9ers are doing, but history is the best predictor of the future. And Gore has a history of ending the season on the sidelines.
Matt Forte – One word to opposing defenses: He is their only real option. Just put 3 men on him and you will beat the Bears.

Bill Seng

Buy Low
Roddy White – Owners are probably sick of the disappointment. You can get 65 cents on the dollar I believe. Could a Jordy Nelson for Roddy White trade happen somewhere in a Fantasy League? In 52% of Fantasy Leagues? 47% of leagues? At those percentages, it’s worth the effort.
Ryan Torain – Not that you are reaching that high, but you know Torain will get all the early down work. The recent bad press the ‘Skins got shouldn’t affect Torain because they have a good defense and the running game will be leaned upon. You might be able to trade Mark Ingram for Torain.
Sell High
Wes Welker – You can get almost anything for him. And like I’ve said, he’s basically a running back who has been given a very heavy work load in the first half of the season. Only take a great deal, but I believe you can get it for Welker.
Matt Stafford – I’m wondering what he’ll be like when teams start to give Megatron the Randy Moss coverage. Does he check down and beat teams as easily with 9 consecutive, on the dot, shorter passes? You can maybe get a Beanie Wells for Stafford, since pundits are throwing out so much hate for Wells and so much love towards Stafford.
Montario Hardesty – Probably only the hardcore fantasy fan would offer something for a guy who is virtually the new starting running back. His injury history scares me though. He’s a grinder on a team that doesn’t seem to get to the goal line often enough for value. See if you can get


  1. FF Handcuffs (@FFHandcuffs) October 22, 2011 at 1:16 pm -

    Another player I’d be curious if you guys think she be bought low or sold “high” is Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD is not scoring any touchdowns this year. Blaine Gabbert is killing his value, but MJD is still putting up decent points. What can I get for him? Could I get Roddy White?

  2. Jimmy October 28, 2011 at 12:04 pm -

    I tried to pry Chris Johnson from an owner in my league and he wanted a big haul for him. He realizes that his stock is at its lowest right now, so he wanted a little more in the trade, in case Johnson gets back to his old self. Smart move by him.

    Depending on the intelligence of the owners in your respective leagues, the offers for Johnson are going to run from really low to really high.