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Calvin Johnson Destroys Bears – Too Little Too Late?

Inside the Redzone staff November 29, 2014 Comments Off on Calvin Johnson Destroys Bears – Too Little Too Late?


Calvin Johnson just destroyed the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving with an 11 catch, 146 yard, 2 touchdown game. You probably laughed and shook your head. For two straight years, fantasy owners of Calvin Johnson have had to wait well into the midseason to get big fantasy output. Some have been able to cope with their number one pick being out for long stretches, but most are probably eliminated from the fantasy playoffs. These teams are either playing the role as spoiler or positioning itself as “the team no one wanted to see in the playoffs”.

Johnson’s career arc is beginning to resemble that of Houston Texans receiver, Andre Johnson. Towards the end of his prime, Johnson would flash dominance in a game or stretch of games, then miss a quarter of the season. Upon return, it would be hard to pinpoint when the best time to insert the star receiver in the lineup. Though highly productive, it’s hard to count on an optimal Megatron for a full season. It’s not ludicrous to state that Calvin Johnson no longer deserves to be a first round pick in the 2015 season. There are younger options that have proven more durable.

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