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Chad Ochocinco and the Raiders are a Perfect Fit

Bill Seng June 8, 2012 Comments Off on Chad Ochocinco and the Raiders are a Perfect Fit


Chad Ochocinco never had any chemistry with Tom Brady. (Photo by Beth Hart)


When Chad OchoCinco signed on with the New England Patriots the fantasy football world was abuzz by the possibilities. You could even hear projections to Randy Moss’ record breaking year. Instead he more so resembled Randy Moss wearing a Tennessee Titan’s uni.

After getting the pink slip from the Patriots, Chad OchoCinco is out of a job. At age 34 and playing at a step slower than any point of his career, Ocho is probably done as a fantasy draft choice (see T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Lee Evans). But does this mean Ocho can’t be a relevant midseason pickup? Injuries can thrust guys in the right opportunity. Or some places (Miami) might just need bodies at that position.

The most intriguing place for Ocho to land though is Oakland. He would be re-united with Carson Palmer, whom he enjoyed his best seasons with. It’s no secret Ocho never got used to the Patriots read and react timing routes. However, he was playing so slow and tentative, even his Twitter account was lagging. With Carson Palmer at the helm (who just “winged it” as an Oakland starter last year too), Ocho is the perfect match to an organization that loves to herd veteran outlaws. He would immediately be one of their biggest receivers and instantly become their top red zone receiving threat.

Don’t think you’ll ever see 1,000 and 7 from Ocho again, but a nice bye week fill-in is possible, especially if he lands in Oakland.

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