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Changing His Stripes to Silver and Black

Bill Seng October 18, 2011 Comments Off on Changing His Stripes to Silver and Black


Carson Palmer | Trade | Arm

Carson Palmer will answer the Raiders call for a new starting quarterback. (Photo by Clay Seal)


The last chapter for a grizzled, veteran quarterback near the end of the road is usually played out in Minneapolis these days. But Oakland reminds us that old signal callers can also don the Silver and Black. It was a deal Al Davis would have endorsed right down to the exchange of two high draft choices. Carson Palmer is an Oakland Raider and the fantasy world is abuzz. Our JF and Matt Hall give a very special “Double Take” on this rare, big trade deadline deal.



Carson Palmer lived up to his word that he would not play for the Bengals and is now the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. He could start as soon as this weekend against Kansas City but most likely it will be week 9 after the Raiders bye week.


Although the organization paid a king’s ransom, Palmer will be a big upgrade over Jason Campbell. The veteran quarterback will have a power running game to rely on and could benefit for the extra defenders lining up in the box. The Raiders have some young, talented receivers to throw to. This could help the Raiders trio of deep threats, but the immediate affect will help Darren McFadden and Michael Bush see some more holes. Look for Palmer to be a strong QB 2 very soon in his Raiders tenure. He should only get better with the more games he plays in. So, pick him up but I wouldn’t start him until near the 10 game mark.



Matt Hall

I really like this move by the Raiders. It shows they want to win right now and will take some risk to try and make that happen. If you look at the Raiders they are a running team with a good defense. So you need a quarterback to manage the game and not turn the ball over. Carson Palmer has done that most recently with Cedric Benson and an underrated Bengals’ defense. The eye test will tell you see he has a weaker arm than 5 years ago. That is fine. You don’t need him slinging the ball all over the place anyway. He needs to run play action and hit the open receivers on easy routes and let them use their speed to make a big play.


From a Fantasy standpoint he is a risk. How long will it take to get him out there and up to speed? Will they throw even less now and give the ball to McFadden even more? Is he healthy enough to play in the NFL? Is he in shape? These are questions that people have and they are all valid. Then again, to think that a quarterback of his caliber is available and going to be playing on a winning team will make fantasy owners take notice, especially in 12 + size leagues and 2 quarterback formats.


I think the biggest winner here is McFadden. For him to get a solid veteran QB who can hit him out of the backfield and understand that he is the focal point of the offense only increases what you can expect to see from him, which is a lot more big plays.


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