Colts, Texans Projected Fantasy Football Total Touchdowns

Inside the Redzone staff September 11, 2011 0


by Inside the Redzone staff – Bill Seng


The Texans looked primed to take away the AFC South from the Colts don’t they? The Texans can apply a huge body blow in Houston today, even if they were to go without Arian Foster.

Colts Projected Passing, Receiving, and Rushing

Kerry Collins is a proven vet and even last year, has put up OK games in the range of 230 and 2-touchdowns. But he’s new to the scheme and that lack of rhythm with his new teammates, no matter how skilled, will show. Going Jon Kitna style, Collins will look short for his score to Dallas Clark. The Colts ground game will chip in for a score. Joseph Addai does 70-plus total yards and punches one in, for a red zone score.

Texans Projected Passing, Receiving, and Rushing

It’ll be a big party in Houston today. The Texans will keep the Colts off-balance and score 4 offensive touchdowns. The Texans ground game will chip in two, as Kubiak is consistent, on making sure the ground game gets established. If Foster can go, he should be good for at least one score. Regardless if he can play or not, the Texans will have a RBBC approach. Because of that, we project multiple Texans running back scores. If Foster plays, we say Foster and Derrick Ward. If Foster doesn’t, we say Derrick Ward and Ben Tate for one score each. Also scoring will be Andre Johnson, who could be primed for his first double-digit touchdown season. Matt Schaub, who will put up a healthy yardage total, and will find sleeper receiving target Kevin Walter, who caught one score in the series last year.


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