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Cut Bait Late Edition – Week 12

JF November 23, 2011 Comments Off on Cut Bait Late Edition – Week 12


Sam Bradford | QB2 | St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford has not played all year and has tough match-ups on the horizon. (photo by the USDA Gov)




Sam Bradford, Rams – Bradford is having a year long sophomore slump.  If you haven’t dumped him yet, cut bait now.  Only 2 Rams should be on a Fantasy Football roster, Brandon Lloyd and Stephen Jackson.





Brandon Jacobs, Giants – This one was borderline. Will Bradshaw come back? I say yes and believe he will get the most of the limited rushing attempts. Recently, Jacobs had 12 carries for 21 yards, for a lousy 1.8 yard per carry.  Jacobs could fall forward at the line of scrimmage and pick up 2 yards.  You would be better off with a running back from Carolina. Better match-ups and an offensive coordinator more dedicated to the run. If D-Will is on the waiver wire that would not be a bad exchange. Williams gets the Colts in this week’s matchup.


Maurice Morris, Lions – The only way Morris was on your team was your running back depth was horrible or you had Jahvid Best.  With Kevin Smith back on the team, looks like Morris can be cut in ALL fantasy football formats.





Stevie Johnson, Bills – In the beginning of the year, Stevie Johnson showed a lot of promise. So what happened?  Ryan Fitzpatrick happened.  Fitz’s play has been horrible as of late and Johnson is at the point where he should be benched till Fitz’s play improves.


Mario Manningham, Giants – Not saying Manningham should be cut from your team, but he shouldn’t be in your starting lineup unless Hicks is not playing.  Cruz is the big play guy and Manningham has taken a back seat to other options on the team.


Santonio Holmes, Jets – You need to trade him off of your team if at all possible.  Burress is the red zone AND the big play receiver now.  Holmes is no longer the top fantasy option he once was in 2010. Receivers can catch lightning bottle, but can easily lose it just as fast.

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