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Cut Bait – Week 9

JF November 1, 2011 1


Santonio Holmes | overrated | WR2

Santonio Holmes has been a WR2 fantasy football bust thus far. (Photo by DGA Productions)


Here are some fairly big names that you should give the gleeful boot to. Some guys you should trade and the others you should outright cut to make room for your WAIVER WIRE CLAIMS. Week 9 has some big names and some blue, naughty gestures, read on.
Santonio Holmes – Jets – Is he ready to be cut?  No, but should you trade him?  YES.  He is 3rd on the team in targets and that’s on a run first team. It seems Keller and Burress are the main two targets in the red zone.
Thomas Jones – Chiefs Didn’t see a snap in the first half and Battle is the guy in KC. Cut Jones with no hesitation now.
Tim Tebow – Broncos – I know Tebow Mania is going to be pissed about this, but he is a horrible quarterback and the way he is playing the Broncos will be going back to Orton sooner rather than later. Or maybe they will give Brady Quinn a shot. The Broncos will be taking a QB in the 1st round of next year’s draft.
Chris Johnson – Titans – Not saying that you should cut him but I am saying TRADE him. If you can Peyton Hillis, I’d gamble on that in a second. He looks horrible and Ringer could be getting the start eventually if things don’t turn around. How far did this guy fall? Wasn’t LJ at least decent for a couple of games before he broke his foot in 2007? This hold out, who got paid, can’t even win his fantasy owner one game.
Brandon Jacobs – Giants – 75% ownership is too high. Some of you guys who have Jacobs don’t need him. He’s playing on a pass heavy offense and his attitude has gone sour again. And coaches (i.e. decision makers of playing time) notice that. If you have a solid first and second running back and weaker in other spots, cut bait on Jacobs and try to shore up those weaknesses.
Washington Redskin players –  Mike Shanahan routinely takes a dump on fantasy teams around the country. I think it’s time to reach back for a hand full of laxatives and take a dump on Mike Shanahan. Let’s do our own “Occupy Wallstreet”, but call it “Take a dump on Mike Shanahan’s Stupid, Crappy, Shi**y Game Plan”. Everyone ban the Redskins from your team! Come on, you’ll like it. It’ll be more fun than a Nutty Professor sequel. OK, there is one player that you should have in your starting lineup, Fred Davis. Want to know a dirty, brown secret? Fred Davis would be even better if his quarterback were Rex Grossman.

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  1. fflinsider November 3, 2011 at 3:07 pm -

    What?!!? Trade CJ? I would certainly have traded him by now. But if you’re in the playoffs you might as well keep him as he may get hot late. I say keep him if you’ve made it this far and still have a shot at the playoffs. He could be money down the stretch.