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Dancing with the Fantasy Football Stars!

Matt Hall November 19, 2011 1



We run a lot of different scenarios back here at Inside the Redzone to figure out who the more optimal performer would be. Tim Tebow or Carson Palmer in fantasy points? Who has more combo power/speed Bo Jackson or Adrian Peterson? Who would win in a dance off? In this blog post, we are pitting two notorious party boys in a “cut a rug” contest. Matthew Stafford represents the Dirty South versus Rob Gronkowski, who proves not all Patriots eat humble pie when the clock strikes ‘after, after party’. Who will win? Are six packs a prerequisite to successful male shirtless dancing? Why should we even care?!

Matthew Stafford


Matt Stafford | social life | boat dancing

Matt Stafford prefers his dancing on a boat.


We start with Matthew Stafford who likes to dance on boats. I am told this is a rich guy’s thing to do. He is such a good dancer, that he must be flanked by two well tanned friends at all times or he simply refuses to dance at all. Because to Stafford, it’s not all about dancing on an expensive second yacht with two woman friends – very closely, it’s about expressing yourself. Peace.

Rob Gronkowski


Rob Gronkowski | doo rag | dipping a lady

This woman was about to fall backwards, but Gronkowski lent her his torso.


Not to be outdone by a wussy quarterback, we see Rob Gronkowski here dancing so vigorously, every single one of his shirt buttons must’ve popped off — by accident! Isn’t his intense dance glare simply amazing? It looks like his partner – and the guy on the left is feeling it too!

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  1. Monty November 22, 2011 at 10:37 am -

    You have to go with Stafford, he is a QB and rich so you know he is getting better looking women.