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Daniel Thomas versus Mark Ingram, Part 2 - Fantasy Football Tips | Fantasy Football Advice | Fantasy Football Draft and Weekly Pickups Inside the Redzone

Daniel Thomas versus Mark Ingram, Part 2

RedzoneAdmin August 29, 2011 2

by Inside the Redzone staff – Bret Larson and Matt Hall


Bret Larson

To be honest, I wouldn’t draft them unless I can get  them  in the very late rounds.  Even then, it’s pretty much a tossup in my mind. The Saints are a pass first offense and Pierre Thomas is healthy to share carries with Ingram.  They also have Sproles for passing downs.  The Dolphins are just a mess.  Thomas seems to be capable, but asking a rookie to carry the load is asking a lot for someone who is not used to how much more physical the NFL can be. And don’t laugh, Reggie Bush is looking good in training camp! I smell late bloomer!

Thomas would wear down if he was the every down back.  Picking either of those guys before round 8 is way overvalued.  I am honestly not high on any rookies this year.  Julio Jones is the one I would rate the highest for rookies, and again he is late round value.

Verdict: Neither


Matt Hall

This is a good argument. But I think the market determines the value, more so in an auction draft. Based on that, I think Ingram has great value than Thomas because he plays on the Saints who will score a lot of points. They’ll move the ball and are in need a solid running back, who doesn’t succumb easily to injuries and keep defenses honest. Ingram can do that. Also, if Brees ever got hurt (played with a bum knee for most of the year), that would make Ingram’s value skyrocket.

The Dolphins are so scattered philosophically, you don’t know who they are on offense. So to me, Daniel Thomas really is just a regular guy. I think the market for any Miami players is really low so Thomas is no different. Think he’s roster-able but not only seen as a lottery ticket. I’m sort of with Bret, you have to think Reggie Bush is going to get the ball since they aquired him and signed him.

Verdict: Ingram


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  1. Dan Lehto September 5, 2011 at 8:43 pm -

    Hi Matt and Bret,

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think this debate is as close as it seems. Miami’s head coach does not appear to be that high on Thomas, which leads me to believe a closer comparison could be between Ingram and Bush. And…that probably is not a close comparison. If I were offered a choice on these two players in a standard scoring league, I would take Ingram and not look back. My response would be the same for a keeper league as well.