Different Role and Fantasy Expectations for Wes Welker

Inside the Redzone staff August 22, 2013 0

Cross sports analogies can be hard to get across. Playing in the Northeast, Wes Welker was kind of like football’s version of Wade Boggs. He was a singles machine who got on base at will. A little older and playing in an offense with a deep offensive portfolio and Welker is now more like a timely hitter who DHs and will come up with big pinch hits.

Welker was a big part of the Patriots precise ball control game. He essentially was their running game for several years. And like a running back that needed to get into a rhythm, Welker’s unique catch and go skills needed a lot of touches. Denver not only has a running attack, they have two exciting backs at their disposal. And when the Broncos go to the air, which will be often, the team has two 6’3 receivers who have already established great chemistry with Manning. Welker is still a fantasy starter, but temper expectations at the flex spot, where his ability to accumulate yards (and good blocking play by Denver receivers) after the catch will make him productive.

Wes Welker went from the focal point to just "another receiving star" in Peyton's portfolio.

Wes Welker went from the focal point to just “another receiving star” in Peyton’s portfolio.


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