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Fantasy Football Match-ups – Giants v. Bills

Inside the Redzone staff October 13, 2011 Comments Off on Fantasy Football Match-ups – Giants v. Bills


by Inside the Redzone staff – Dan Lehto


Buffalo Bills (4-1)  at  New York Giants  (3-2) 

Gametime: 1:00 PM Eastern Sunday



This game has the billing to be a very fun and exciting game to watch. In-state teams, with one a surprising upstart. Or it could end up being that the Bills blowout the Giants. With Coughlin’s team, you never know what you are going to get. Since this has been the case for so many years, you have to wonder how much longer the Giants will allow him to steer the ship.
The Giants have a lot of power on both sides of the ball. Between Manning, Bradshaw, Nicks, Cruz, Manningham, & Ballard, the G-men should be able to put up some points. It is not as though the Bills can’t be scored on. We’re giving Manning three passing scores as Kevin Gilbride has gone on the deep end on passing attempts. One to each of the Giants three wide receivers.


The Bills are an interesting club, because they don’t do as much for me today as they did after they beat the Raiders. I actually began believing in Fitzpatrick, because he was airing out the ball and getting Steve Johnson heavily involved. At this point, most of the Bills offensive players are nothing more than benchwarmers. I hope this will get their whole team motivated. Beyond Fred Jackson and their defense, there is no one I would start on their roster. Thus no surprise here, we are projecting a 100 total yard game, 1 touchdown game for Fred Jackson. Fitzpatrick will connect with sleeper score David Nelson for the other touchdown.


The Giants will come much more ready to play this week than they did last and I actually think they beat the Bills in a close one. Fitzpatrick just doesn’t have enough belief in himself to win this game. It will involve too many deep passes and once Fred Jackson gets slightly contained, he won’t be able to complete enough of them.

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