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Fantasy Football Player almost Scores 200 in non PPR League ! - Fantasy Football Tips | Fantasy Football Advice | Fantasy Football Draft and Weekly Pickups Inside the Redzone

Fantasy Football Player almost Scores 200 in non PPR League !

Inside the Redzone staff September 20, 2011 1



League's High Score | 10 team league | Non PPR

A score showing a player approaching 200 points in a non-PPR format.


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by Inside the Redzone staff – Bill Seng


OK, so it wasn’t 200, but last week’s wild games by the league’s top receivers helped elevate this guy to near holy grail of office cooler bragging, hitting the 200 point mark in fantasy football. This was equivalent to hoisting a 40-pound muskie in front of the camera. This was the trophy catch.

Even though the league is a non-PPR format, their was some bonus added to several of the players. The league gives bonus when receivers and running backs go over 100-yards. Quarterbacks get extra points when they hit 300-yards passing. It also gives bonus on long distance scores. Anything 40-yards or greater for touchdowns will receive bonus points. All positions get bonus on such distant scoring, QB, WR, or RB.

The owner of this team even admitted he built the team specifically for the league rules. “A lot of the guys do the traditional three running back set-up. That works for consistency, but for upside scoring, nothing beats three stud receivers who can get the big play,” he says. “I made sure I paired up Miles Austin and Tony Romo to double down on the bonus plays, if they could hit them, they hit them together.” The owner threw out some interesting theories on why the league has gone so aerial these days. “It’s a passing league these days. Maybe global warming allows passing games to thrive longer in the season or maybe there are really better quarterbacks out there. I made sure to adjust the last couple of seasons to the new NFL trend. Throw it up and get a big play.” He even had Willis McGahee on the bench who scored more than starter, Mike Tolbert. We have a feeling this fish story will get bigger every time it is told.

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