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Fantasy Football Start ’em & Bench ’em Week 5

Inside the Redzone staff October 5, 2011 Comments Off on Fantasy Football Start ’em & Bench ’em Week 5



Chargers | Darren Sproles | PPR League

Darren Sproles brings his electric playmaking to the Bayou (Photo by San Diego Shooter).


by Inside the Redzone staff – Dan Lehto



This section is for recommendations on who to start/sit when it does not involve your studs.  You always, always start your studs.  Always!  The one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned.  If you have a bye week or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.




Cam Newton: Too often people are not starting him.  Unless you have Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Vick, or Rivers (debatable), you should be starting Newton every week.  The ESPN gang thought Mr. Fitzpatrick would outperform Newton by so much that they ranked Fitzpatrick 5 slots above Newton.  How is that possible?  Newton has outscored Fitzpatrick all but one week this year and the one week he didn’t, he played in a monsoon.  Enough said.


James Jones: Can you believe I threw him in here?  I barely can, but I like his progression over the past few weeks.  Plus, Donnie Driver might be out for a week or two.  If Driver is out, Jones is going to reap the benefits and so will you.


Pierre Garcon: Painter likes the D3 stud from Mount Union.  It was the first signs of life from Garcon and he was a stud with Manning.  Just give Painter a chance Caldwell!


Marques Colston: Hit or miss with this guy and since he laid a large egg in his first game back I like his chances this week.  Start him with confidence.


Mike Tolbert: Everyone is hot and heavy on Matthews.  Now might be a good time to trade him, b/c he might be a little overvalued.  Tolbert, on the other hand, will be on the cheap.  Everyone is wishing they had sold him after week 1.  I like Tolbert this week.


Willis McGahee: You’ll always find reasons not to start him, but he has been consistent and Fox is going to stick with him.  Fragile Moreno is not going to get the touches McGahee will.


Michael Bush: If he is healthy enough to play, he will get you another solid 8-10 points.  A TD in each of the last two.


Darren Sproles: Just look at his stats.  That’s all I’m saying.  Trust me.  Start him and you will get productivity.  Wished I had picked him up earlier in the season.


Texans D: They have a tough matchup this week, but: 1) They are at home, 2) Andre Johnson is hurt, so they will kill the clock with Foster & 3) They are a top 5 defense.


Titans D: What a shocker with the Titans this year, right?  They even dismantled the Ravens.  Based on what Baltimore did to the Jets a few nights ago, that’s saying something.  They have a very good matchup this week as well.





Packers & Chiefs RBs: You don’t need me to explain this, do you?


Panthers TEs: You never know who is going to get the ball.


Jay Cutler: Don’t trust this man with Cavallari or his arm.


Frank Gore: I am telling you, he is a few runs from busting his ankle for the year.  He has had one good game.  Don’t trust him.


Shonn Greene: Yikes buddy!  I love the Hawkeyes, but he is not making us proud.  Tough offense and no reason to believe in him at this point.


Mario Manningham: I still like him better than Victor Cruz, but does Easy E(li)?


Eagles: Not only are they playing the Bills, but they aren’t connecting as a team.  Wait a number of weeks to start them or consider dropping them altogether.

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