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Fantasy Football Matchups - Vikings v. Cardinals, Bucs v. Niners, Jets v. Pats - Fantasy Football Tips | Fantasy Football Advice | Fantasy Football Draft and Weekly Pickups Inside the Redzone

Fantasy Football Matchups – Vikings v. Cardinals, Bucs v. Niners, Jets v. Pats

RedzoneAdmin October 6, 2011 Comments Off on Fantasy Football Matchups – Vikings v. Cardinals, Bucs v. Niners, Jets v. Pats



by Inside the Redzone staff – JF


Arizona Cardinals (1-3) at Minnesota Vikings (0-4)

Gametime: 1:00pm Sunday



Beanie Wells finally showed up last week with 3 TD’s. The Cardinals have been waiting for that kind of performance since they drafted him.  The Vikings have a good run defense so don’t look for a repeat game from him.  Wells should end with 70 yards and 1 TD.  So far, the Kolb trade has been a good one for the Cardinals.  Look for Kolb to move the ball on a bad Vikings secondary.  Kolb goes for 275 and 2 TD’s (both to Fitzgerald).


Everyone that knows football wonders why the Vikings don’t give Peterson the ball more.  More importantly, every fantasy owner that has AP wonders why he doesn’t get the ball more.  With the bad play calling, McNabb under throwing his WR’s the Vikings seemed to be headed for the Andrew Luck draft 2012 lottery.  I think this is the week that the Vikings start to use AP like they should.  AP goes over a 100 yards and 2 TD’s.  McNabb will get 225 yards and NO td’s.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) at San Francisco 49ers (3-1)

Gametime: 4:05 pm Sunday



Bucs are riding a 3 game win streak.  All the games have been close and I look for the same type of game against the 49ers.  The Niners run defense is good so don’t look for a big game from Blount.  Blount should get 60 yards and 1 TD.  Freeman will have to work hard to get his yards and TD’s.  Freeman will get 250 yards passing, 40 yards rushing and 3 total TD’s. (1 to Mike Williams and 1 to Winslow) along with 1 rushing.


49ers finally were able to run the ball.  They will need to do that if they want to continue to win.  Look for Gore to put up another solid game 80 yards and 1 TD.  Alex Smith will toss for 225 yards and 1 TD to Vernon Davis.


New York Jets (2-2) at New England Patriots (3-1)

Gametime: 4:15 pm Sunday


Jets passing offense needs to start going and that means QB Mark Sanchez needs to ignite things early.  The WR’s for the Jets are not getting the ball.  The only person Sanchez seems to be able to get the ball to is Dustin Keller.  This is the week it might get back on track for them.  The Patriots pass defense is just flat out bad.  Look for Sanchez to put up solid numbers 275 3td’s.  1 to each Keller, Holmes and Burress.  Greene should be the lead back with 80 yards and no TD’s.


This is the year of Tom Brady (again).  At the rate he’s going, he’ll be holding up another MVP trophy this year.  But he is going to be facing a tough NY Jets defense.  Any defense is going to look to see what the Bills did to Brady and do the same.  That means pressure and knocking him down.  Look for Brady to put up 280 yards 3 TD’s and a couple picks if he can stay in there and throw.  (TD’s – Gronkowski 2, Welker 1)

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