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Giants, Eagles Projected Fantasy Football Total Touchdowns

Inside the Redzone staff September 22, 2011 Comments Off on Giants, Eagles Projected Fantasy Football Total Touchdowns


by Inside the Redzone staff – JF


Home team: Philadelphia Eagles


Giants Projections

The Giants will need to focus on the running game. The Eagles cornerback combination of Samuels and Asomugha are shutting down most opponents’ receivers. The biggest weakness in the Eagles defense is against the run. Look for a combination of Bradshaw and Jacobs to get a lot of carries as long as the Giants are still in the game. Look for Eli to have around 225 yards passing with 1 touchdown (Nicks) and a couple interceptions. Bradshaw and Jacobs should combine for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns (1 each).

Eagles Projections

The big question mark is the health of Michael Vick. Is he going to be able to start? The Vick injury will weigh heavily on what the Eagles offense can do. I’m going with the idea of Vick starting the game. I think that he will be a little more cautious when he runs and they will use McCoy a little more this week. Look for Vick to have 250 yards passing, 50 yards on the ground, and a total of 2 touchdowns (1 Jackson, 1 Maclin). McCoy will have 90 yards rushing, another 60 receiving, and two touchdowns.

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