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Inside the Red Zone Predictions

Inside the Redzone staff September 8, 2011 Comments Off on Inside the Red Zone Predictions


by Inside the Redzone staff – Matt Hall


Staff writer, Matt Hall gives out his NFC preseason predictions on the each division and also the playoffs and Super Bowl. One of the favorite Matt Hall stories told was when he responded to an ‘all knowing’ blog commentator with the following, “OK, sounds like you got all the right answers. Here is all my money. You tell me what stocks I go out and buy tomorrow. What do you got boss?”.  It was the perfect fit that he write this season’s preseason predictions. He will tackle the AFC predictions later this week.


NFC East


Philadelphia – Super Team? I don’t believe in those but they are loaded everywhere.


Dallas – Their defense could be so nasty that QB’s get no sleep the night before the game. But they still have to be more consistent and healthy on offense.


NY Giants – They have had so many injuries already I think they will struggle all year to fill the gaps.


Washington – Rex Grossman is the starting QB, yes he did play in the Super Bowl but because he defense was one of the top 5 to every play.


NFC North


Packers – Do they even really have any true competition. They bought back everybody and even have a healthy Grant and Finley.


Lions – Is this the year? If Stafford stays healthy they will finish second and make the playoffs, where they will be the team nobody wants to play.


Bears-  Cutler did have a good year last year and they were 11-5. But past that who knows. They easily could be 5-11.


Vikings- Watch Adrian Peterson continue to show you why he is the best running back in the NFL.


NFC South


Atlanta – This division for my money is the best in the NFL. But Atlanta is the top of the mountain. They have an offense that is balanced and they can defend against the Saints and Bucs.


New Orleans – Drew Brees keeps you in every game. I am not sold on the running back situation and their defense at this point.


Tampa Bay – They are still a year or two away from winning this division but they are young, fast and talented. So they can win any game they play, but they make “young” mistakes.


Carolina – Rookie QB in this division will learn a lot about winning games, but it won’t be this year.



NFC West


St. Louis – Sam Bradford showed that the Rams are his team and that he can lead them.


Arizona – Finally Fitzgerald has somebody to actually throw him the ball, but they won’t make the playoffs.


Seattle – T-Jack at QB, does that solve any problem for any team?


San Francisco – A storied franchise that needs to completely blow this up and draft Andrew Luck.





Philadelphia, Green Bay, Atlanta, St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit


NFC Championship

Green Bay vs Atlanta


Atlanta goes to Indy



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