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Is Tim Tebow a Fantasy Football QB1?

Inside the Redzone staff October 14, 2011 2



Tim Tebow | starting job | passing
Tim Tebow is now front and center and could turn around struggling fantasy football teams looking for a spark.


by Inside the Redzone staff – Bill Seng and JF

Special Contributions – Matt Hall and Chris Mrnak


Tim Tebow has a lot of believers and even more critics. Will he thrive as a unique quarterback, who relies more on his rushing prowess than even Michael Vick did back in his Atlanta days? Or will he be a “gimmick player”, succeeding on a few plays, but whose overall performance is not cohesive enough to benefit an NFL offense?


Our writers JF and Bill Seng take opposing viewpoints on the Tim Tebow argument. They’ll point his strengths and yell loudly about his weaknesses. What they won’t argue about is this: there is no denying the curious interest unfolding to the beginning of the Tim Tebow era.


Why Tim Tebow is a QB1 by Bill Seng

Tim Tebow does have a touch of specialty player to him. He is great around the goal line; already putting up a rushing score in his first game played (6 rushing touchdowns in 2010). But his passing is a little rough to put it mildly. With that being said, one of the game’s best offensive gurus, Josh McDaniels, believed enough in Tebow to draft him. McDaniels has a history in spotting talent, such as trading for Kyle Orton in the Jay Cutler deal and molding no-name back up Matt Cassel into a legitimate starting quarterback.


McDaniels is no longer in Denver, but Tebow will succeed as a fantasy QB1 in 2011 simply because he’ll have a long leash. Management and head coach John Fox want to see him up close to get a good sample size of his abilities, i.e. the rest of this year. While most scrambling quarterbacks are usually muted a bit by their teams when they get into the pros, it is Tebow’s towering strength that will give him an edge. Again, he’ll get leeway on that as he is a playmaker when running the football. Losing teams can’t be choosy on how touchdowns are scored, if they are struggling to get them. Also Tebow as a passer did look at least professional last year, throwing for 5 touchdowns versus 3 interceptions. He is surrounded by two good receivers in Brandon Lloyd and Eric Decker. He has two good pass catching backs in Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno. So the cupboard isn’t bare for Tebow to “play off of”. Remember Tebow’s games last year? In games played, he was a top 3 fantasy quarterback and in the second half of the Chargers-Broncos game, he generated two touchdowns and scored 16 points. He’s not just a specialty player, he’s a special player.


Why Tim Tebow is a Fantasy Football FAIL by JF

For anybody that thinks Tim Tebow is going to be the saving grace of their Fantasy Football team should just stop.  Tebow will not put up Cam Newton type numbers.  He is more like a slow Michael Vick.  In other words, his passing is way below average, but he can run the ball.  Tebow doesn’t possess the speed to run by and around defenders like Vick and Newton, and has to rely on his size and power to run through a defender.


Also, look at Tebow’s passing numbers from last week: 4 of 10 for 79 yards.  That’s only a 40% completion percentage. Horrible! His lone touchdown pass was a 28 yard swing pass to his running back, Knowshon Moreno, which is about the only play he can complete. He under and overthrows all of his targets. Last year, Tebow completed 50% of his throws and half of Tebow’s career touchdown passes have gone to a RB.  Tebow is a low end #2 QB at best.  If I were in the Broncos front office or John Fox, I would make Tebow an H-Back.






  1. W.J. October 14, 2011 at 10:24 am -

    Tebow is one of tho polarizing figures, like the Yankees & Notre Dame; you either love him or hate him. Count me in the latter camp! Might be a good fantasy QB, but I think there are too many flaws and limitations to him to be a winning NFL QB.

  2. Bret October 14, 2011 at 3:23 pm -

    If you are fine with a QB getting you 10 points each week, then Tebow is your guy. Defenses will shadow him and dare him to throw. This guy gets more press than Rodgers, Brady, and Newton combined and has proven nothing. He is not even playing this week. Here is an idea to write about, how about rating the Denver WR’s with Tebow? Or even the RB’s? Tebow is nothing but media fodder, I guarantee he will be nothing more than an average QB that might win 3 games this year.