Jets, Raiders Projected Fantasy Football Total Touchdowns

Matt Hall September 23, 2011 0

This game might look like a defensive showdown, but the Raiders defense isn’t as good as last year, even against the run. Plus the Jets passing game is improving with Santonio Holmes starting to make big plays.

-Look for a touchdown from Holmes as the Jets look to throw more than in the past.

-Dustin Keller is starting to play like a big time tight end in the Big Apple, look for a touchdown this week.

-In a surprise, look for Tomlinson to get a touchdown in the passing game as well.



The Raiders showed they can get into a shootout and at least stay in the game. The problem is the Jets defense does not allow shootouts to happen.

-Darren McFadden is going to get his, he is just to talented and they make a huge effort to get him the ball. One touchdown for DMC this week.

-If 40-yard dash times got you fantasy points then you would just draft Raiders, but lucky for us Al Davis does not control Fantasy Football

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