Knowshon Moreno could win you a Fantasy Championship

Bill Seng November 27, 2012 0
Knowshon Moreno could win you a Fantasy Championship

Knowshon Moreno will once again be a top fantasy football pickup. (Photo by Rick Burtzel)


Ever year around week 13 the injuries at running back pile up and there is some fantasy football gold to be had. This year, Knowshon Moreno could be that journeyman that comes out of nowhere to win you a title. Remember Ron Dayne? Ladell Betts?

There were signs that Moreno could be gold last week. Peyton Manning almost seemed to campaign for him to start. Calling it a “great opportunity for Knowshon”. Moreno did get the start and he didn’t disappoint; piling up 111 total yards against the Chiefs (including 4 catches for the PPR players). His remaining games are against Tampa Bay, Oakland, Baltimore, and Cleveland. Every one of those teams have allowed 9 or more touchdowns through week 12.

His skill set really reminds me of Joseph Addai, the veteran back who can pile up the all purpose yards and score from the shotgun inside handoff that Peyton Manning likes to run. Moreno should be your first waiver wire priority. If he can stay healthy, he could win you a fantasy football league title.


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