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Michael Vick Killing LeSean McCoy’s Fantasy Value

Bill Seng October 20, 2012 2
LeSean McCoy | RB1 | Number 1 RB

(Photo by Matthew Straubmuller)


There are a lot of underachieving running backs in the 2012 fantasy football landscape. The big ones that fans have been griping about are Chris Johnson and to lesser extent Darren McFadden. However there is another first round fantasy running back who has underachieved, Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy.


McCoy is currently the 13th ranked fantasy running back in 50/50 scoring. Rookie 6th rounder and fantasy afterthought, Alfred Morris is ranked 5th on the strength of 5 rushing touchdowns compared to McCoy’s single rushing score. When it comes to total yards, McCoy and Morris are virtually tied, 571 for McCoy to Morris’ 563. So besides rushing touchdowns, what has been at the root of McCoy’s demise? Turnovers. McCoy has two lost fumbles in 2012, but actually it is the team’s starting quarterback, Michael Vick’s league high five fumbles that is killing McCoy’s 2012 season. Four of the five turnovers have come in the redzone, eliminating possible scores for McCoy. On top of that Vick has also thrown 8 interceptions, more than a few negating deep drives. Vick’s turnovers are the main cause for McCoy only having 3 total scores (2 receiving touchdowns), well under last year’s pace of 20 total touchdowns.



Will this last for the rest of the season? Highly unlikely. The law of averages alone should prevent that from happening. Fantasy football is a game of streaks. You see opponents who start the season at 2-4 make runs on the strength of their top players coming out of slumber. McCoy is that type of player. The schedule is favorable after the Eagles week 7 bye. Right out of the shoot they have matchups against Atlanta and New Orleans, currently 29th and 30th against the run. Additionally, the Eagles opponents in week 15 and 16 have allowed 11 total rushing touchdowns. However, the main key to McCoy’s success is still Vick. If the turnovers dramatically drop, so should the rise of McCoy’s touchdown opportunities.


  1. James October 22, 2012 at 12:02 pm -

    Vick is also killing the Eagles payroll. That guy makes a lot of money to play poorly.

  2. Inside the Redzone staff October 22, 2012 at 5:27 pm -

    Agreed @NFLDraft. Essentially he is partly why Castillo got fired. He put the defense in a lot of bad spots. That and he couldn’t utilize his personnel.