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Michael Vick turning into Donovan McNabb

Bill Seng October 4, 2012 Comments Off on Michael Vick turning into Donovan McNabb

The very best fantasy quarterbacks do not usually win Super Bowls. Super Bowl winning quarterbacks instead do the little things that a box score can’t measure. They make the right play at the right time. They make game managing seem cool – enough. A simple check down in order to get a few extra yards to help out the special teams and gain field position is equivalent to a good chess move. You want proof that playing it safe can produce “winning the big game”? Eli Manning has more Super Bowl wins than the elite arms of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers in the last 5 seasons.

Let’s go back further and examine a less heralded quarterback, Donovan McNabb. At the height of his best play, “Chunky Soup” was never a high drafted fantasy quarterback. And yet he lead the Eagles to 5 straight NFC championships, producing an average of 22 passing touchdowns – while also averaging only 10 interceptions per season.

This is purely editorial on my part, but something tells me Andy Reid, who was given a semi-ultimatum of drastic improvement or else, has convinced Vick to not force the spectacular (then again, I thought Bill O’Brien would reign in the Patriots offense back in 2010). Instead to play mistake free ball and embrace a little more of the move the chains philosophy that McNabb had executed so well. It was best on display as the Eagles beat the Giants in week 4. The indicative play was not by a Desean Jackson 53-yard electrifying game changer, but instead a 19-yard pass to DJax that pushed the Eagles out of their end of the field and eventually resulting in the winning field goal.

Vick will still run, but not towards the end zone, but out of necessity. This is perhaps Vick’s version of throwing the ball out of bounds.

What does this mean? Think it does close the door on Michael Vick ever becoming a top 5 fantasy quarterback again. In fact, if memory serves me Donovan McNabb was perhaps best used in a platoon quarterback system. Better look around and see if someone like Andy Dalton is on the waiver wire. Vick’s incredible 2010 fantasy feats are stuff of legends, but are now nearly 2 years behind him.

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