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Don’t Fear Steelers Run Defense

Bill Seng October 13, 2012 Comments Off on Don’t Fear Steelers Run Defense

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The Steelers are a tough team to beat. Have been for the last 5 decades. However in fantasy football, reputation needs to be overlooked in 2012. They are a team running backs can have success against.

The Steelers defense was being called an old bunch in 2011 and in 2012 we are seeing more of the same: all pro safety Troy Polamalu coming off the field for longer stretches, linebacker James Harrison’s name being called fewer times by broadcast teams.

Good Fantasy numbers against Steelers Defense

The erosion of the Steelers run defense demise has been on exhibit the last three weeks. Facing three consecutive first round fantasy football running backs, Chris Johnson fared the worst with a 114 total yards effort (Jamie Harper vulturing a 1 yard score). Prior to that LeSean McCoy had 80 total yards and a touchdown and Darren McFadden had 115 total yards and a touchdown. That is three straight games of allowing 10 or more fantasy points to a starting running back. Also keep in mind all three of those backs are underachieving statistically based on their draft selections, with 2 of the aforementioned backs struggling mightily.

Steelers Run Defense statistics

Through week 6 the Steelers are respectably 13th against the run, but while the top 5 run defenses are allowing a run discouraging sub 3 yards average, the steelers are on the cusp of being mediocre at a 4.1 yards per carry, which included the match up against the run anemic Jets and their lousy 3.2 per rush yards average.

The next 3 match ups against the Steelers run defense are Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, Alfred Morris, and Ahmad Bradshaw. The owners of those RB2s mustn’t worry about starting them.


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