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Percy Harvin to the Patriots?

Bill Seng November 11, 2012 Comments Off on Percy Harvin to the Patriots?
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Dynasty owners who have Percy Harvin will be even happier when Percy Harvin becomes a free agent and signs with his college head coaches best friend (Urban Meyer), Bill Belichick. He’ll re-unite with Florida teammate, Aaron Hernandez and will be utilized like a Swiss knife with samurai blades from Josh McDaniels. This will be Belichick’s way of showing Welker the door, in typical ‘classy’ Patriots fashion, by replacing him with the younger and frankly better version of himself.

Before I go on – this hasn’t happened. There are no rumors saying Harvin is going anywhere. This is pure speculation, but one that makes a lot of sense. One – Harvin is not happy in Minnesota, where the GM, Rick Spielman, has bungled offseason free agent moves. The Vikings signed speedy Jerome Simpson, but after his 3-game suspension has been largely invisible and – oh – also happens to be paid more than Percy Harvin. The actual signature offseason signing was tight end, John Carlson. He has totaled 3 catches for 8 yards thus far. The former 7th rounder who has had multiple serious injuries in past years also suffered a concussion this year. And by the way – he is earning $5 million a year – again wayyyyyy more than Percy Harvin. So Rick Spielman has both signed ineffective players and alienated Harvin at the same time. Brilliant.


Then there is the quarterback thing. Again only speculation, but there seems to be some thought that Harvin’s sideline blowup on coach Leslie Frasier because he wasn’t happy about the play of Christian Ponder. So we bring up the obvious follow up questions, ‘who would you rather have throw to you Tom Brady or a shaky Christian Ponder’?

Not much of a contest there. Sounds like the Vikings are preparing themselves to offer Harvin a big contract this offseason, which was a reason why they did not pursue Dwayne Bowe at the trading deadline. But will he simply take the money and run or will the sour of consecutive losing seasons have Harvin going elsewhere? If there ever is a prime and logical spot to land it’s in Beantown.

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