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Postmortem on Retread Backs Getting Featured Jobs

Inside the Redzone staff December 7, 2014 Comments Off on Postmortem on Retread Backs Getting Featured Jobs


Toby Gerhart, Rashad Jennings, and Shonn Greene. All three running backs got starting roles in 2014. A fresh new start? A chance to show off what they can do as a full time starter.

Unfortunately a 2014 casualty for fantasy owners is the retread running back who gets the starting nod. Some fantasy owners are muttering under their breaths, “I could have told you that”. While others probably needed another look at how these type of situations usually don’t work. Remember when Travis Henry got the starting job in Denver as a free agent? The situation can be explained in further detail, but we’ll save you the time and say, “It just didn’t work”.

And all the warts that accompanied the three players above: can’t stay healthy, best in a part time role, not much upside, all of that turned out to be right.

It’s week 14 in the 2014 fantasy season. First round playoffs begin and all three backs are no longer starters. How many total double digit fantasy points came out of that trio (standard 50/50 scoring)? A total of 4, all from Rashad Jennings. Keep this in mind in 2015 fantasy drafts. Let the other guy draft the retread running back starter.

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