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Better PPR RB in 2011 – Ray Rice vs. LeSean McCoy

Inside the Redzone staff August 30, 2011 2


Ray Rice better PPR option than LeSean McCoy

Ray Rice will get the full load in 2011

by Inside the Redzone staff – Brian Frett

Anyone that has seriously played fantasy football at some point in their career has been “that guy” who sits and debates about his pick for what seems like an eternity. Shuffling through your magazine and cheat sheets while drowning out the nagging league members, you can’t for the life of you decide between two guys. It happens every year, there is no avoiding it. For those who use a Point Per Reception scoring formats, a popular debate at 2011 fantasy drafts may be Ray Rice vs. LeSean McCoy. Two players, at the same position, that are very skilled at both running and catching the football. The question is, who should you take in 2011?


2010 Comparison by the #’s:

Scoring: McCoy> Rice



Rushing TD’s



Receiving TD’s



Total TD’s




Yards: Rice>McCoy



Rushing yds.



Receiving yds.



Total yds.




Offensive involvement: Rice>McCoy










Total Touches




Big play ability: McCoy>Rice




Runs 20+yds./40+yds.



Receptions 20+yds./40+yds.







Offseason changes: Rice> McCoy

Ray Rice:

Prior to last year’s draft Rice was consider a top 5 no brainer selection.  While posting 1800 total yards, 63 receptions, and 6 touchdowns is not by any means a poor season, he didn’t quite live up to expectations. Rice finished outside the top 5 for running backs and in some scoring systems outside the top 10. However, if you look at the numbers and discount a slow start, Rice averaged 123 total yards per game from week 5 on. Fantasy managers should in fact feel even more confident heading into 2011 with Rice as the leader of their team.

Much to the displeasure of Knowshon Moreno Owners, touchdown vulture Willis McGahee has leftBaltimoreand is now a member of the Denver Broncos. While many believe free agent signee Ricky Williams will step in and fill his role, Baltimore offensive coordinator Cam Cameron insists that the Ravens will ride Ray Rice as far as he will take them. “We were fortunate to have a guy like Willis [McGahee], but this year Ray Rice will be in short-yardage and goal-line as well. He is outstanding,” said Cameron.

In addition to McGahee, Derrick Mason and Todd Heap, two of Joe Flacco’s favorite targets, were among players that did not return to the Ravens in 2011. Notable players that did join the Ravens offense include Full Back Vonte Leach and wide receiver Lee Evans. Leach, who spent last year blocking for the NFL’s leading rusher Arian Foster, is considered to be arguably the best blocking full back in football. In addition, the Ravens believe adding Evans gives Flacco a legitimate deep threat that will stretch the field and open up the run game even more.

LeSean McCoy:

             Between a free agent spending spree, DeSean Jackson contract dispute, Jeremy Maclin’s health issues, and the constant attention surrounding Michael Vick; I think it’s safe to say the Philadelphia Eagles had an offseason for the record books.  The question is how much, if at all, will it affect LeSean McCoy’s 2011 fantasy value?  The two most notable additions on the offensive side of the ball for the Eagles are running back Ronnie Brown and wide receiver Steve Smith, two players that at one point in their careers were very big contributors for fantasy owners. However, in 2011 I wouldn’t expect either to significantly affect McCoy’s value as a fantasy player. While Ronnie Brown is a more accomplished and skilled running back than any of McCoy’s backups last year, he should be viewed as a much better handcuff then a potential vulture.



The fact of the matter is both Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy are in line for very successful 2011 fantasy campaigns. If faced with the decision on draft day Ray Rice is the better selection. I base this conclusion on the difference in touches along with the offseason changes. While McCoy may be the more explosive player in a more potent offense, he will not be relied upon to the extent of Rice.  In fact, McCoy owners should not be surprised if his third year in the NFL is very similar to Ray Rice’s last year. In his second season, Rice had over 2,000 total yards, 78 catches, and 8 touchdowns, numbers that are eerily similar to McCoy’s 2010 season. Between Michael Vick (9 rushing tds in’10) and the rest of the weapons in the Eagles offense, I expect McCoy’s touchdown total to drop in 2011.

The Pick: Ray Rice


  1. FFLDraft August 30, 2011 at 9:32 am -

    Good Stuff. I agree no matter what the league is. McGahee is gone but was replaced with Williams which is a good thing for Rice.

  2. MH August 30, 2011 at 4:17 pm -

    This is great, I love these posts. We were talking about this today. I am running a team with 2 other guys and this exact thing came up. One guy does not like Rice because last year he did not live up to expecations and thinks losing the TD’s really hurt him.

    McCoy is playing with Vick so you always wonder how many touches he is going to get. Plus Vick loves to throw the deep ball which over time would take away red zone chances.

    For me, I would take Rice because I think he is a bigger part of his teams offense.