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Star Giant Receivers Going Extinct?

Inside the Redzone staff November 14, 2014 Comments Off on Star Giant Receivers Going Extinct?



In the past 8 seasons, if you were going to draft a wide receiver in the first round, he better measure in at least 6’3 in height.

That’s changing and fast. This year the 6’3 plus mega receiver is following Randy Moss into extinction. OK, that may be overstating things and making a blanket generalization. But there is no denying that first round fantasy caliber receivers, Calvin Johnson or AJ Green have not lived up to their draft status. Go into the 2nd, 3rd and slightly later rounds and you see more disappointments in Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Johnson (and to an extent Dez Bryant).

The emphasis on passing games is making the shelf life for receivers shorter, and not just the slot guys like Wes Welker. This class of dominant receiver may no longer deserve your high fantasy draft picks next year. Instead, maybe the continual contact rules that aid wide receivers are helping the mid-size receivers like Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders. Hint: Sounds like a future post.

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