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Inside the Redzone staff November 13, 2011 Comments Off on START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 10 – #TWITTER STYLE


Eric Decker | Tebow's favorite | Goal Line

Eric Decker has 6 receiving touchdowns through 8 regular season games in 2011. (Photo by Rick Burtzel)


We’ve been getting some difficult start and bench questions from the Twitter-verse from some of our loyal followers. Even though everything is in 140 character form, fantasy football questions can translate in more #traditionalblogging form too.
We’re publishing those questions and our answers here in this weekly space.
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@insideredzone I have been offered cedric benson and james jones for aaron hernandez. I know benson has a tough schedule coming?
@Buttercunt24 Did not see this until now -sorry. Sense U see Benson’s week 15&16 games 2 right? I’d say go for it. Tougher to find RB > TE
@Buttercunt24 I have been trying to get Benson in my other leagues 2 no avail. Also, he’s actually had solid RB2/RB3 games v #Steelers.
@insideredzone Who wins this trade: Steve Smith/ Sproles for Welker/Bradshaw/Jacops (PPR)
@michaelcohen21 Another close 1. Like the Smith/Sproles combo, but Welker/#GMen RBs is the better end of the deal.
@michaelcohen21 Sproles has a bye still in wk 11. Smith has 4 of 7 games on road. So does Welker, but like Brady as a passer on road > Cam
@insideredzone rivers/ tebow? Decker/ T. Smith (bal)?
@mAkE_U_CsiCC Think you should ‘hedge your bets’ & go Rivers @ home & Decker with a great matchup (Chiefs allowed Moore&Painter throw 2 TDs)

@insideredzone I just traded away my boy AJ Green and Malcom Floyd for Hakeem Nicks and Jonathan Stewart. I was in dire need of a RB. What do you think? What do you think of Nicks’ status this week? What do you think of the trade? (THANKS TO TWIT LONGER – WHICH LETS YOU GO BEYOND 140 CHARACTERS)
@Lang_2727 I’m a big fan of Green cuz it sounds like you are close to playoff bound and great 15,16 matchups. But like Nicks and Stewart 2
@insideredzone right now I’m 4-5. Sitting in 6th spot (of 12) cuz I have the tie breaker with points for. Absolutely needed a RB. AJ still has Pit x2 and Bal x2.
@Lang_2727 Gotcha. When you mentioned 4-5, I knew what you were thinking. If you were 6-3, you can take your lumps w/Green v Pitt,Baltimore
@insideredzone Who should I put at the flex Breaston or Gaffney?
@KRuggs520 Breaston. Saw that Chiefs game last week & Cassel uses him like his security blanket. W/no TE presence, Breaston will get looks.
@insideredzone OK will do. I also have: R bush, Julio Jones, harvin, bennett,v Davis, j best(out) and McFadden(out). Any worth starting?
@pompousdad All have merits as a flex. Go upside, which means WRs, JJ, Harvin, and Bennett in that order. Like JJ best. Could b shootout.
@insideredzone should I go with fitzgerald or manningham?
@stevegamica Manningham coming off 2 straight games with a TD and a better matchup, better QB. Like him better this week. Fitz on the road.
@stevegamica Good luck bud. Check the injury reports though. Manningham said he has swelling in the knee. Check it tomorrow morning.
@insideredzone due to the injury should I just start fitzgerald? He’s had success vs the eagles
@stevegamica Think the logic on that is very good. I’d go Fitz now. Good luck Steve!
@insideredzone so bud, what do you think this week? Tebow at KC or Freeman vs HOU? I’m leaning Tebow at the moment.
@Lang_2727 Not a fan of Freeman now. Struggling right now v a tough D on road. Go 4 upside w/ Tim Tebow! Good luck bud, keep me up 2 date.

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