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Dan Lehto November 10, 2011 Comments Off on START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 10


Chris Johnson | fantasy bust | bounce back

Chris Johnson has a tasty match-up against the Carolina Panthers in week 10. (Photo by Defense Media Activity)


Columnist’s Rant

Garbage time fantasy points: Is there anything better or, depending on the position you’re in, worse? One thing is for certain, if you could forecast garbage time fantasy champions you’d stock up on them to relish those frantic closing minutes of games long since over in “reality.” Those are great guys to own.
Saints receivers often fall into this category. You might be thinking they tend to do well for themselves most weeks, and the do, but when the Saints are down big Brees plays to the final whistle. So you’re bound to pick-up a few extra points as the Saints furiously rack up pointless stats (e.g. Brees to Moore with 10 seconds remaining in a blowout loss to the Rams 2 weeks ago).
Another team lauded/notorious for garbage time points is the Redskins. Shanny’s MO is to pile up stats once his team is down big. I have seen Fred Davis and Jabar Gaffney toil to pick-up worthless “reality” points that proved critical for fantasy teams down the stretch.
The thing about garbage time fantasy point is predicting who will be picking them up from week to week? If you have that gift you will win fantasy crowns while giddily watching the ends of games most people have long since abandoned.



This section is for recommendations on who to start/bench when it does not involve your studs. You always, always start your studs. Always! The one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned. If you have a bye week or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.
Guys I was right on last week:
Tim Tebow: Again, take that Cowher!
Willis McGahee: Ok y’all, there is no way I could have predicted that 2nd half explosion. Vintage baby!
Jerome Simpson: 2 straight games with a touchdown!
Marques Colston, Darren Sproles & Jon Kasay (of course Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham): Kasay has missed a field goal in each of his past 2 weeks but he’s still putting up good numbers. Colston has been so-so over his past two weeks, which is par for the course in the Saints unpredictable offense.
Jets D: So they gave up a garbage TD to end the game. If not for that, I would be saying, I told you so.
Cowboys D: My bad all. I predicted 4 picks and 2 fumbles and you only got 3 picks. Next time I will be a little more spot on.
All Giants & Pats… except for the Pats D & running game, of course: Thanks to a crazy 4th quarter this proved correct. Very concerned with Brady and the Pats offense right now. Or is that what Belichick wants us all to feel before he unveils something new?
All Packers & Chargers less their defenses: Yep, pretty much. Even the Pack’s D put up respectable numbers. Thank you P. Rivers!
All Falcons: Julio was a beast! Did you see that 1st TD catch? Coach Ditka said Jake Ballard made one of the best catches he has ever seen. Did he not see Julio’s catch?
All 49ers: The 9ers are rolling, but not sure it will continue against the G-Men this weekend.
All Texans: They are rolling right now!
Most Ravens & Steelers: I was right except for Flacco. He actually played very well.
Ryan Fitzpatrick & the Bills WRs: Fitzpatrick was very bad. Outside of Fred Jackson, there wasn’t much in store for them against the Jets.
All Rams & Cards: Steven Jackson and Larry Fitzgerald did their thing while pretty much everyone else didn’t do anything. Lloyd was solid and the Rams D was good.
All Browns: Rough game for the Brownies. Ogbonnaya is not the guy.

Guys I was wrong on last week:
Joe Flacco: Sorry, Joe, I was wrong. You were playing a very average game until you took your team 90 yards in the final 90 seconds. That’s what makes a QB a star. Nice job, Joe, and sorry for not trusting in you. Now do it again.
Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, Mike Williams: Tampa looked good against the Saints a few weeks ago and I would expect the same this week. Plus, they have Blount back. They won’t win but they will keep it competitive.
All Chiefs: They were so bad. As Cassel goes so goes the rest of this team. That is not a good sign.
Cowboys WRs: Austin pulls a hammy. Romo & Dez can’t connect. And Robinson hauls in another teeter.
All Redskins: Roy Helu & Jabar Gaffney put up respectable numbers, so I was wrong here.
All Dolphins: I thought they would all be bad but their D & Reggie Bush were tremendous last week.



Tim Tebow: This one could haunt me but I don’t think last week was an aberration. Even in horrible defeat Tebow puts up respectable fantasy numbers. That’s more than can be said for about half the QBs in the league.
Steven Jackson: Top 5 starter for the week against the Brownies.
Michael Bush: McFadden is out again and he has always had starting RB potential. Good hands and a big frame to knock people over.
Mike Tolbert: Had a tremendous game last week and keep in mind what McGahee did to Oakland in the 2nd half last week.
DeMarco Murray: I know, I know, he is a must start by now. I was shocked to see how well he did against the Seahawks. Now if Jason Garrett, a once awesome offensive coordinator turned terrible head coach, would give the man the rock at the goal line he’d be top 5.
P.S. Garrett, don’t give Jones carries when he gets back.
Willis McGahee: Can he repeat last week? No way. However, I think he will get his chances. Tebow has to keep it close though.
Reggie Bush: Talk about rising from the dead. I haven’t wanted to have anything to do with Reggie Bush in fantasy football since his rookie season. Now he’s turning into a very solid starter. At this point you can start him with confidence.
Chris Johnson: I have a feeling this one will be wrong but for every fantasy owner who has gotten zilch out of him, this one’s for you. CJ actually looked solid against a good defense last week but for some reason Tennessee gave up on getting him the ball in the second half. Not sure what to make of that. I think he will touch the rock 25 times and put up 100+ yards and a TD. Again, for all you owners who dropped a ton on this guy, I hope I’m right.
Laurent Robinson: I am worried about this one and it is all because of Tony Romo. He loved Robinson when he had 2 studs in Austin & Bryant to throw to. Now that Robinson will be his #2 WR, Ogletree and some other yucks might become Romo’s favorites. ROMO!
Jerome Simpson: This is the 3rd straight week I’ve had Simpson on this list. I don’t anticipate him scoring for the thrice time in thrice weeks, but I do see him putting up some nice stats against the Steelers.
Santonio Holmes: I typically avoid anything to do with the Jets passing attack but he has been pretty consistent. Plus it is against the Pats D in New York.
Julio Jones: I think he puts up bigger numbers than Roddy the rest of the way. He is the #1 for Matty Ice.
Steve Johnson: Not a big Fitzpatrick guy but Johnson will get his this week.
Jabar Gaffney: One of the most consistent performers in the WR ranks.
All Eagles: The Cards made the Rams look good last week.
All Ravens: The Seahawks are going to look worse than they normally do in this one.
Giants D: I actually think they are going to stop Gore and get to Alex Smith repeatedly.
Jets D: Nothing but field goals for both teams in this one.




Ryan Fitzpatrick: You have been hearing this a lot from me. I just don’t trust him. Even when he is great his fantasy points are not.
Eli Manning: He has been very hot lately, but I think this game stays relatively low scoring and he doesn’t have a great game.
Rashard Mendenhall: Ugh. He has been so bad this year.
Cedric Benson: He is a grinder that usually finds ways to get it done, but I don’t like this matchup.
Brandon Jacobs: He looked great last week but the 49ers will shut him down.
Frank Gore: On paper he should light up the Giants. However, I think this is the game where Gore royally messes up that ankle. My advice: pickup Hunter now if he is still available.
Jackie Battle: Not sure what to make of him yet but he doesn’t do much for me. Plus you never know how Cassel will fair or how many times he’ll touch the rock. There are better options out there.
Raiders WRs: Everyone is all excited after the output from the receivers last week. Yes, Rodgers poked holes in San Diego’s secondary but Palmer is not Rodgers and I think this will be brutally apparent on Thursday night.


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