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Dan Lehto November 17, 2011 Comments Off on START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 11


Brandon Jacobs | All the Carries | workload

Brandon Jacobs should get most of the carries in week 11 against Philadelphia. (Photo by Jason Poulton)


Columnist’s Rants: Jon Gruden is back and better than ever!

Have you ever noticed the apparent change in Gruden’s demeanor from being a coach to a color commentator for Monday Night Football?  He went from Chucky, one of the scariest coaches around, to Mr. Positivity.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it!  The question is, what changed?  And why was he so angry on the field?  Whatever the reasons are, the man got results on the field and now in the press box.
In Gruden’s 11 seasons as head coach of the Raiders & Bucs (4 years & 7 years respectively), Gruden amassed 100 total wins, including the playoffs and .540 winning percentage.  In his 11 years he only had 2 losing seasons and won 5 division crowns.  The man got great output out of his teams.
In the press box he is lights out as well.  It cracks me up to hear how positive he is about EVERY player on the field.  Have you ever noticed that?  He really likes those guys that take care of the dirty business or run a play to perfection.  He is a man of high respect for others and so here is the tribute to you Jon.  This one’s for you (can’t take Pat Bowlen’s line to John Elway)!
P.S. I am not a fighter, but if I had my back against the wall, I would take Gruden on my side every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Now that he’s off the board, who wants to pick second.  Your choices: Jaws or Tirico.





This section is for recommendations on who to start/ bench when it does not involve your studs.  You always, always start your studs.  Always!  The one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned.  If you have a bye week or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.

Tim Tebow: It is way overdone by now, but I will also acknowledge that he threw just 8 passes.  One way or another the guy manages to winAND put up very respectable fantasy numbers.  In the event he is actually still available in your leagues, please pick him up.  Heck, pick him up for me and tell me about it.  To raise the stakes even higher, pick him up, start him over Brady, and then tell me about how that goes for you.
Steven Jackson: He is beastly right now.
Michael Bush: Had no clue he would blow up like that.  He is a more solid weekly play thanDMC, because they trust in him inside the 5 yard line.  There’s no Michael Bush to replace Michael Bush himself at the stripe.
Reggie Bush: Must start the rest of the way.
Chris Johnson: I am glad to see TN stuck with him to the tune of 30+ touches.  Keep it up Munchak!
Laurent Robinson: Big time!
DeMarco Murray: Stud and I hope Jerry Jones stands correct in that they will relegate Jones to backup.  If Jones is wrong again about personnel, Bill Seng will eat his own shoe.
Frank Gore: This is what I wrote prior to last weekend: “On paper he should light up the Giants.  However, I think this is the game where Gore royally messes up that ankle.  My advice: pickup Hunter now if he is still available.”  Did you pickup Hunter yet?
Jackie Battle: His offense is brutal.
Ryan Fitzpatrick: Don’t start Fitzpatrick for the rest of the year.
Cedric Benson: He is beginning to get into a time share with Bernard Scott and Scott is winning.


Raiders WRs: Palmer is coming around.  I doubtMoore would have blown up like he did had Jacoby Ford not twisted his ankle early on.  Either way, the Raiders passing attack looked good and should build on that effort against theQueens this weekend.
Eli Manning: He had a nice game and is keeping it together much better than in years past.
Rashard Mendenhall: Didn’t do great in terms of yardage, but he did get 2 scores.  One of those scores was very nice.
Jets D: When writing this I forgot that Brady owns them in the regular season and they own Brady in the post season.
All Eagles: Season’s over, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah…season’s over.
All Ravens: Ok, seriously Ravens?  I mean seriously?  I like Pete Carroll too.  I mean, with all the work he did atUSC and inCompton to help curb gang violence.  Did you need to lay that bad of an egg?
Giants D: Stop Gore: Check.  StopVernonDavis: Nope.  How about Kendall Hunter?  Ooops.
Steve Johnson: Johnson sux.
Willis McGahee: Pulled hammy.  I thought pro athletes get uber stretched out by trainers before the game.  Wait, they do!  I have seen it myself.  Yet players are dropping like flies this year do to hammy’s.





Tim Tebow: This is bound to be a rough game for him, but he always finds a way to get fantasy points.
Shonn Greene: I am hearing a lot about how bad the Jets are going to do on Thursday.  They played a late game on Sunday.  Their coach thinks their season is over.  Blah, blah, blah.  I expect a large game out of the Jets this week in every facet of the game.
Steven Jackson: The streak continues.
Brandon Jacobs: He is a sure bet for 100 yards and a TD.
Kendall Hunter: Gore will find a way to sit this week out.  Hunter explodes onto the scene!
Maurice Morris: CJ2K ran all over the Panthers.  I could see Mr. Morris having a day.
Reggie Bush & DeMarco Murray: Must starts the rest of the way.
Denarius Moore: The Vikings displayed their incredibly poor secondary on Monday night.
Laurent Robinson: Romo still likes him.  I can’t believe it!  Keep looking his way Tony!
Sidney Rice: If he is cleared to play, he will have a fine game.
Damian Williams: He is a favorite pickup for many this week.  He will continue his momentum against the Falcons.
Jets D: Same rational as for Shonn Greene.  They are too talented to get destroyed by Tim Tebow.
Ravens D: Not that you were actually going to bench them, but they will come back strong this week against the Bengals.
49ers D: Arizona played ok last week against the Eagles and pulled out a win.  They won’t do the same against the 9ers this week.
Lions D: After last week’s blowout, I am expecting strong things from them.  I am also a little worried aboutCam and how he will respond after last week.  Very rough outing.
Bears D: Cold weather against the Chargers.  Peppers is going to seriously hurt somebody out there.  WillSan Diego even show up?
All Pats, including Benjarvus!: They are playing the Chiefs.




Andy Dalton: With AJ Green’s status up in the air and playing against the Ravens,Dalton is in for a rough one.
Marshawn Lynch: All signs point to him having a great week, which can only mean one thing.  He drops an absolute egg this week.  I see 20 yards or less on the ground for him.  I have seen him do this too many times.
Cedric Benson: More tough sledding this week for Cedric the former Bear.
Michael Bush: It pains me to put him here after his huge performance last week, but I don’t see him doing much against the Vikings in MN.  The Raiders will do fine, but it will be by air, not ground.
Chris Johnson: I don’t see him doing much against the Falcons this week.  They are tough against the run, playing at home and ticked about their loss from last week.
LeGarrette Blount: The Bucs are playing against the Pack.  The Pack will be up 21 before the end of the first quarter and then it will be game over for Blount.  Blount is putting up a niceAPC, but the Bucs refuse to use him in the passing game.
Mike Williams: Has not caught a TD since week 1.  Absolute bust.  Drop him.
Ryan Matthews: The Bears have been looking really strong and it won’t stop now that the cold weather is here.
Vincent Jackson: He is tough to predict and doesn’t seem to be in sync with Rivers.
All Chiefs: Brady will get them way ahead and Palko with heave a number ofINT’s.


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