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Dan Lehto November 23, 2011 2


Tony Romo | social life | after hours

Tony Romo wins people over at dinner time, but can he win people over during Thanksgiving? (Photo by Audi USA)


Columnist’s Rants: Turkey of the Year Goes To Garbage FF Points!

For those of you who have read my articles… wait, has anyone read my articles this year? Haha! For those of you who have this will get a little redundant. If there is one thing in FF that drives me a little nutty it’s garbage fantasy points. I won’t get into telling you all the gory details. Sure I lost by 5 points this week because I played against LeSean McCoy who ripped off a meaningless 60-yard run for the Eagles when kneel downs would have closed out the game. I could also tell you about Cam Newton throwing 2 picks in the final minutes of last Sunday’s game, the second of which had no impact on the outcome. I could even tell you about how Rob Gronkowski caught one pass in the second half of last night’s blowout, which happened to be a 19-yard TD. And lastly, I could tell you about how I lost in the fantasy playoffs one year by .5 points due to Matt Bryant missing an extra point against the Panthers on Monday Night Football a few years back. BUT I’m not here to tell you about any of those things.

I am here to tell you that my Turkey of the Year Award goes to “Garbage FF Points” and those players who feast on them. If an owner can figure out how to bank on those, he would win crown after crown.

As I wrote this article I was reminded of the wise words by one Eric Christenson who told me as it relates to fantasy football. He said, “Danny, you need to keep moving the chains, maybe play a little defense, and don’t get too many flags.” Squig Shady, wiser words have never been spoken and this is why we all play the game. The fun. The trash-talk. The camaraderie.

Here is my fantasy team that is now below .500.

  • CamNewton
  • Tim Tebow
  • Darren McFadden
  • Michael Bush
  • Demarco Murray
  • Chris Johnson
  • Jahvid Best
  • Dez Bryant
  • Miles Austin
  • Laurent Robinson
  • Andre Johnson
  • Marques Colston
  • Jermichael Finley
  • Jason Hanson
  • Texans D
  • Jets D

Is this really a sub-.500 team? It doesn’t look like a sub-.500 team. Maybe it comes down to coaching. Maybe I need to do a better job of motivating. Maybe I just need to find a way to keep the chains moving. Haha!



This section is for recommendations on who to start/bench when it does not involve your studs. You always, always start your studs. Always!  he one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned. If you have a bye week or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.


Guys I was right on last week:

  • All Chiefs: They are just bad. Started out ok on Monday night but fizzled quickly.
  • Chris Johnson: I didn’t think he would do well but he was brutal. What a joke!
  • Ryan Matthews: He had a nifty fumble.
  • Bears D: San Diego in the cold weather proved fatal.
  • All Pats, including Benjarvus!: Yep, they looked good. Gronkowski is super-human at this point.
  • Laurent Robinson: His last 4 weeks have been between 9 & 19 points.
  • Sidney Rice: A TD saved his game.
  • 49ers D: Outside of Early Doucet getting in a fight, the Cards put up no fight whatsoever.
  • Reggie Bush & Demarco Murray: Must starts the rest of the way.
  • Tim Tebow: After making a fool of himself for much of the game, he marched the Broncos over 90 yards and totally redeemed himself. Well, not to Elway, but for fans of the sport he was inspiring on that last drive. I think Elway just about passed out when Tebow scored and he certainly didn’t look too excited about it.


Guys I was wrong on last week:

  • Vincent Jackson: Sorry that I was so wrong on this one. He is a stud.
  • LeGarrette Blount: Did you see his 50 yard run? The man would not go down! It looked like he was running in place for a while.
  • Mike Williams: His TD was such a joke. Nice D Packers.
  • Andy Dalton: Didn’t get the W, but did throw for over 300 yards. Making a strong case to be a starter in the league for a long time.
  • Marshawn Lynch: I am just waiting for Marshawn to fall apart but it hasn’t happened yet.
  • Cedric Benson: 2 TDs and about 40 yards. Not impressed but he made the most of his carries.
  • Michael Bush: Will DMC even get carries if he ever comes back? Of course he will, but Bush is killin’ it right now!
  • Lions D: They are really, really bad. They don’t get much pressure on the QB and are giving up a ton of points every week. Their matchups aren’t great the rest of the way either.
  • Brandon Jacobs: Did anyone see that train wreck of a game coming? Brutal!
  • Kendall Hunter: Just wait, Gore’s legs will eventually fall apart.


  • Tim Tebow: I have the fever. Tebow is a must start.
  • Tony Romo: I cringe putting him on here, but Tony has perennially been great in November. It should continue against the Fins.
  • Vince Young: The Pats D looked great against Palko but Vince looked pretty sharp last week. I think he puts a combined 3 TDs together.
  • Willis McGahee: Rough week last week against the Jets. I see McGahee rebounding in a big way this week. Would you mess with a guy who came back from one of the most devastating knee injuries of all time?
  • Green-Ellis: The Eagles run D looked great against the G-Men. However, they are going to prep for the Patriots in the same way they did the G-Men so Green-Ellis should have a field day.
  • Kevin Smith: It’s Turkey Day and he is in line for one of John Madden’s turkey legs. Too bad he’s not playing on Fox that day… and that Madden retired 2 years ago… and that the Lions are going to lose. If it weren’t for all those things, he would get a turkey leg or two. Hopefully there will be a Jerry Ball citing on Thursday.
  • Chris Ogbonnaya/Montario Hardesty: Not sure if Hardesty will begin getting the rock yet, but I think either of these running backs is capable of 10+ points.
  • Ryan Grant: Starks is most likely out, which should mean very good things for Ryan Grant. If the Lions gave up 35 points to the Panthers does that mean 70 points for the Packers?
  • Deangelo Williams: Playing against the Colts. Enough said.
  • Donald Brown: Playing against the worst run defense in the league. Kevin Smith absolutely dominated them last week.
  • Kendall Hunter: On Thursday I think the Ravens hurt Frank Gore and Hunter performs well in his absence. One of these weeks I have to be right on this one, don’t I?
  • Blount: Blount has been solid in most of his starts this year. You can’t blame him for the Bucs taking him out on passing downs. Hopefully they can keep the game close so he gets the rock 20+ times.
  • Chris Johnson: Another one of those starters that makes you fearful. He is playing the Bucs and all signs point towards him showing some game. However, he is not a trustworthy player. Proceed with great caution.
  • Michael Bush: The Bears D is very tough but the Raiders have a well-balanced attack and Bush can wear defenses down.
  • Laurent Robinson: The trend is the trend. Over the past 4 weeks he has been one of the most consistent WRs.
  • James Jones: He has been super silent for the past few weeks. I have a hunch he explodes this week.
  • Andre Johnson: I realize he’s a stud and therefore an automatic start when healthy, but I’m including him here because there is so much skepticism about him. That and I have him in 3 leagues so I need him to step to it and remind me of why I spent a 1st round pick on him.
  • Damian Williams: He had 11 targets last week and only reeled in 1, but he had 11 targets! I’m a numbers man and I see him hauling in more of those balls.
  • Sidney Rice: Deangelo Hall told ESPN this week that he should be released because of how poorly he’s performing. In comes Sidney Rice to add to his woes. I like where Hall’s head is at.
  • Mario Manningham: They are playing the Saints this week, not the Eagles. If Coughlin doesn’t have the Giants ready to go this week they might have to consider staying home for the playoffs this year.
  • Lance Moore: Sir Lancelot is one of Brees’ favorite targets. He’s not big but he finds the seams very well.
  • Owen Daniels: People are concerned about Leinart, but I think Daniels will be able to get him going.
  • All Steelers: Great game for all of you Steelers owners.
  • Packers D: The Lions will score some points, but Stafford is going to throw a pick 6.
  • Cowboys D: Good luck Matt Moore and Reggie Bush. Your nice streak ends in Dallas.
  • 49ers D & Ravens D: Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh. Maybe the game will end in a 2-2 tie? Jim just said last night that he was not going to dig deep into his soul for this game. This is business. Strictly business baby.
  • Jets D: They are playing against Ryan Fitzpatrick. If the Jets don’t take a few of his gift wrapped INTs to the house then they are truly lost for the season.
  • Seahawks D: They have a pretty nice schedule the rest of the way and are a respectable defense when the matchup is right.
  • Texans D: They are the #1 defense so hopefully you are starting them. I still see them on waivers in some leagues.
  • Raiders D: Playing against the Bears just got a whole lot easier now that Cutler is out. If they can stop Forte they should roll.


  • Alex Smith & Joe Flacco: Seriously, the game is going to end in a 2-2 tie so not much doing here for them.
  • Jets RBs: Don’t trust them.
  • Matt Forte: The Raiders will key in on him and shut him down.
  • Marshawn Lynch: I still don’t believe.
  • Ryan Mathews: Has not really put on a display for many weeks now. Don’t see how that would change this week.
  • Reggie Bush: Love what he is doing in Mee-ahm-ee but it’s not going to happen this week.
  • Frank Gore: Wheels literally fall off early in the game.
  • Michael Turner: I think the Vikes slow the afterburner to a crawl this week.
  • Cedric Benson: Even after his 2 TDs last week Benson remains a mainstay on my Sit’em list.
  • Beanie Wells: No me gusta nada.
  • Donald Driver: Not that you were going to start him anyways, but he is pretty much the 5th or 6th option in their passing game.
  • Mike Williams: One lucky week is not a trend. It’s a mirage.
  • Steve Johnson: I read a number of articles saying Steve Johnson was a top 10 buy low candidate. The problem is who would you trade for him? Possibly Jamaal Charles in a non-keeper league?
  • All Chiefs: 2 words: Tyler Palko. I know he was Larry Fitz’s college roommate but that is about as good as it gets for him.
  • Giants D: Drew Brees is going to carve them up! No pun intended… well sort of none intended. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  • Lions D: They were horrible against the Panthers, will be horrible against the Packers, and don’t have strong match-ups the rest of the way. Let another owner roll the dice with them.


  1. Nice Guy November 24, 2011 at 10:09 am -

    Doesn’t Lynch have a TD in 6 straight games and you still don’t believe? BEAST MODE IS 4 REAL!!!!!

  2. Jimmy November 25, 2011 at 3:48 pm -

    Nice comprehensive list. Cedric Benson is finally going to win you over this week with a huge game.