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Dan Lehto December 1, 2011 1





This section is for recommendations on who to start/bench when it does not involve your studs.  You always, always start your studs.  Always!  The one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned.  If you have a bye week or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.


Guys I was right on last week (Mix of starts and benches):


Tim Tebow: He wasn’t amazing but still puts up numbers each week.


Alex Smith & Joe Flacco: Smith was terrible and Flacco was far from exceptional. At least Flacco had a TD to his credit.


Vince Young: 400 yards. Not bad for a guy who has been riding the pine for most of the year.


Willis McGahee: He is a machine. McGahee ground out some very tough yards and brought home another win for T-squared.


BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Green-Ellis was the monster I expected. Hopefully you went with me on this one.


Deangelo Williams: Thought he would have a good day but didn’t expect more TDs than Newton.


Donald Brown: He looked sharp once the Colts played him in quarters 2 & 4.


LeGarrette Blount: Blount was even sharp in the receiving game last week. Too bad he had 2 fumbles, but when you put up 150+ total yards that’s ok. A few weeks back someone toldme Blount and Peyton Hillis were both crappy. I couldn’t believe they were being used in the same sentence! I love ignorant FF owners and you should too; they make for great trade partners.


Chris Johnson: Stud last week! CJ – Please try for the rest of the year. Maybe focus on eclipsing the 1,000-yard mark this year and that will force you to give a rip.


Michael Bush: Not a great game, but solid performance against a stingy defense. It would have helped if Stefen Wisniewski hadn’t had a holding call take away one of his TDs.


Frank Gore: He hasn’t called it a season just yet but he may as well have last Thursday night.


Donald Driver: He and Jermichael Finley are very small role players at this point for the Pack.


Laurent Robinson: Romo has loved this man since day 1.


James Jones: It usually only takes 1 catch for this man to make an impact.


Texans D: 7 sacks baby!!!


Packers D: Stafford is not clutch and the Pack is. It’s that simple.


Ravens D: The Ravens have had some rough weeks but they were sweet against the 49ers. I think they actually stabbed someone with their trident. They might want to lay low for a while…


Lions D: Having Suh not in their lineup might actually help them focus a bit. Either way, they will be pretty bad the rest of the way.


All Chiefs: Sorry, Larry Fitz. I know you told Jim Grey before kickoff that your former roomie Tyler Palko might be decent, but he just doesn’t have the range to air it out. He may have worse mechanics than Tebow and a slower release.

Guys I was wrong on last week:


Kevin Smith: I didn’t think he would get hurt this fast. Reminding me of what happened to Kevin Jones.


Marshawn Lynch: He’s looking more like what I’d hoped for him to be in Buffalo. Keep it up Lynch!


Ryan Mathews: He wasn’t even expected to play and came up big last week. Great yardage.


Chris Ogbonnaya/Montario Hardesty: Hardesty pulls up lame in warm-ups and then Hillis ends up playing. Sweet action?!?!?!


Cedric Benson: He is still on my crap list. I don’t even have a rational point to make regarding him but I lump he and Marshawn into a category that just feels ishy.


Beanie Wells: Wow! Way off on this one! 200+ yards!!!!


Ryan Grant: Another weird one. Starks was supposed to be out and then ends up playing most of the game. I think these coaches are intentionally messing with my blog credibility. Haha!


Kendall Hunter: Mark my words, Gore will eventually go down.


Andre Johnson: He was Mr. Irrelevant. They barely threw the ball his way but I think Yates will be good for him though.


Mike Williams: 2 weeks in a row? Can Mike make it 3? I don’t think so.


Steve Johnson: He had an interesting TD dance that cost him $10K last week. It’s one thing if you have a “thing” like Jared Allen does when he gets a sack. But Allen’s not ripping on anybody and I think it’s cool. Mocking someone who did time in jail and worked his way back is stupid in my book. If I were Johnson I would have run straight to the sidelines b/c I would have remembered I hadn’t done jack in several weeks. Then again, I don’t make millions of dollars to do nothing. Perhaps he is smarter than I…
Jets D: Are you serious? They even made Fitzpatrick look good? Rex Ryan: Get your team in line!!! It felt good to tell Rex that.


49ers D: It’s not as though they gave up a ton of points but they didn’t get sacks or turnovers. All told, a bad week to start the 49ers D.




Eli Manning: He has Cruz and Nicks to throw the ball to against the Packers D. The Pack will probably take a pick 6 or two on him but that won’t stop him for hitting 350 yards and 3 TDs.


Matthew Stafford: Not a big fan, but against a Saints D that gives up nearly 500 yards a game he should connect with Megatron quite a bit.


Tony Romo: Always leery putting this guy on here because he’s a head case. It’s also in December, which doesn’t bode well for him. However, I think the Cowboys have gone through so much over the past few years that they’ll put together great efforts the rest of the way.


Marshawn Lynch: I am really doing it. I am putting him on here. You may want to bench him based on this alone.


Chris Johnson: Will he or won’t he? Will CJ actually care? He has 5 games to get 301 yards to eclipse 1,000 for the season. That should make him want to care a little bit… I hope. Gulp.


C.J. Spiller: People continue to rip this guy. If you don’t like anywhere from 6-10 points out of a flex spot that you got off FA then suit yourself. I will take him as at least a bench spot and would consider starting him in certain leagues. He should do alright.


Rashard Mendenhall: He managed to punch a couple in last time against the Bengals and should get at least one this week.


LeGarrette Blount: Plays against the Panthers this week. The next easiest matchup he has all season is at practice against his teammates.


Deangelo Williams: Plays against the Bucs. Same comment as for Blount.


Jonathan Stewart: Same as the previous two guys.


Matt Forte & Marion Barber III: They are playing the Chiefs and the Barbarian is getting the goal line carries. Make MN proud, Marion!


Shonn Greene: If he’s healthy I see him finally punching one in at the goal line and putting up 80+ yards.


Demarco Murray: Should rebound nicely this week after two “sub-par” weeks


Brandon Jacobs & Ahmad Bradshaw (if he is back): Jacobs looked good when he did get the ball. Too bad they won’t pass it to him. Against the Packers these guys should get ample opportunities if the Giants can hang somewhat in the game.


Giants & Packers WRs: As Tony Soprano used to say, Bada Bing!


Mike Williams: Not sure that I am bought in on this clown but I think he makes it thrice weeks in a row in the end zone this week.


Dez Bryant: Hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire, but should have 2 TD’s this week.


Damian Williams: Buffalo has been terrible lately. Weather could cause some issues but Hasselbeck will get him the ball.


Johnny Knox: I can’t believe this, but I am even jumping on the Hanie-to-Knox combo for this matchup. Knox has actually become fantasy relevant again.


Antonio Brown: He’s flying under the radar, which is good for a hard working youngster like Brown. I am expecting a TD and 100 yards this week.


Greg Little: He’s getting the targets and they will have to throw a lot.


Andre Johnson: I dare you to bench him.


All Pats: They should be straight cash, homey. Even the Pats D are worth a look this week. 2 of their past 3 have been solid.


Bears D: 2 words, which happen to be the same 2 words I have used the past couple weeks: Tyler Palko.


Jets D: They have to be respectable against the Skins don’t they? If not I’m blogging about Rex Ryan next week.


Cowboys D: I see Beanie getting sub-50 yards on the ground this week, which means horrible things for the Cardinals offense.




Vince Young: He is at Seattle. A lot of people are all lathered up on this guy because of what he did when playing from behind last week. I think the game stays close this week. Additionally, the weather in Seattle gets crazy this time of year, so if it’s raining and snowing and whatever else he’s in for bad things, man.


LeSean McCoy: I know I could lose street cred based on this recommendation.  Shady McCoy gets slowed to a halt this week. He will do ok, but in this instance I am actually recommending benching him if you have decent alternatives. Plus, he’s kinda hurt.


Michael Bush: Bush is a beast, but if Miami can bottle up DeMarco Murray I think they can do the same to a similar runner in Bush.


Reggie Bush: The Raiders have been playing some mean football. I think they get ahead and make Matt Moore revert to the air. Bush is typically good in that part of the game but I think the Raiders shut him down.


Roy Helu: One week wonder in the crazy Shanny offensive scheme.


Cedric Benson: Will I finally get it right?


Michael Turner: I think the Texans are going to surprise people this week and show everyone what they are made of on defense. Most are expecting the Texans to give up some serious points and have a letdown. I don’t see it.


Steven Jackson: He plays against the 49ers. Rice didn’t do anything against them last week and I would expect more of the same from the 49ers against Jackson.


Reggie Wayne: He had a great week last week but that’s in the past. The Pats are going to be tough against him and Orlovsky is not going to find him.


Dwayne Bowe: Stud player with a horrible QB. Bowe is going to get shut down in Chicago.


Torrey Smith: It’s a feast or a famine with this guy. He had a feast just two weeks ago so it should be a famine this week.


Bills D: If Chris Johnson can put it together again they are in deep trouble.


Lions D: If they were in your consideration set, please reconsider. Do not start them.


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  1. Friend of Fantasy December 2, 2011 at 11:20 am -

    You got to give Benson credit. He kicked the Ravens in the a$$ and followed it up with a great game against the Browns. He’s going to dominate in the fantasy football. Get used to loving Cedric Benson!