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START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 8 – #TWITTER STYLE - Fantasy Football Tips | Fantasy Football Advice | Fantasy Football Draft and Weekly Pickups Inside the Redzone


Bill Seng October 30, 2011 Comments Off on START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 8 – #TWITTER STYLE


Inside the Redzone | RB2 | Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson is back as a reliable #fantasyfootball start in 2011.


We’ve been getting some difficult start and bench questions from the Twitter-verse from some of our loyal followers. Even though everything is in 140 character form, fantasy football questions can translate in more #traditionalblogging form too.

We’re publishing those questions and our answers here in this weekly space.

For immediate and direct answers to your fantasy football questions, follow us on Twitter at @insideredzone.
@insideredzone do you like Vjax or Larry Fitz better in the long run . 1ppr
@michaelcohen21 4 PPR, go Fitz. Not as explosive cuz of QB play, but more looks and just as much physical talent. Just more consistent.
@insideredzone would you drop either sydney rice or manningham to get james jones from green bay?
@stevegamica Tough. I’d say no for now. Because Jones is on a bye and guys name John Kuhn are still catching TDs from Rodgers. Wait & See
@insideredzone tolbert, torain, sjax. Pick two. Leaning towards sjax and tolbert. shanahan’s decisions scare me.
@kyledennis Your intuition is dead on. Don’t – Don’t – Don’t trust Shanny until a hierarchy is established in DC. Go Tolbert & SJax. G’luck!
@insideredzone Rodgers has a bye this weekend…tebow or romo?
@flyersfan1012 was still thinking about this one. Its tough. Right now id say romo. Got more weapons.

@insideredzone Another week, another dilemma! Olsen vs Minny or Gresham (I’m starting Bernard Scott & AJ Green already) vs Seattle? Thanks!
@Lang_2727 Go w/Gresham. Olsen and Shockey split looks. Greham’s 2 out of 3 scores are on the road. No Benson could mean more short passes.
@Lang_2727 Ha! I’m all about hedging bets & a diverse portfolio. In that case, go Olsen. Funny, Olsen’s 2 of 3 scores at home. Knows #Vikes
@insideredzone Tebow or Christian Ponder..Who should I start?
@KRuggs520 Tebow at home against team struggling v run games. If Fox & Co. adjust game plan towards Tebow’s strengths, could have big game.
@insideredzone should I drop either sidney rice or manningham to get braylon edwards?
@stevegamica I wouldn’t yet. The type of knee procedure he had linger all season. He really hasn’t even played much in ’11 either.
@insideredzone Who do I start this week Sydney Rice or Mario Manningham? Should I pick up Noshow Moreno and drop Maurice Morris?
@stevegamica Ha! Like Manningham > Rice this wkkd. You know I would go w/Noshow. Elway needs a good look at him 2 and was starter in wk 1.
@insideredzone Do I go Pierre Thomas or Jonathan Stewart at RB?
@KRuggs520 If Ingram is inactive, PT 4 sure. If not JStew. 15 of his 24 career TDs are at home. Plays home wk 8. Had 3 GL touches v Skins.
@insideredzone Chris Johnson has not lived to his new contract. Do I stay with him going against a weak Indy defense or Ryan Torain?
@KRuggs520 I’d stick with CJ this week. Got a great matchup. Pendulum has swung to far on CJ hate. Just temper expect. Think 22-73-1.
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@EaglesAllNews Sure thing. This should help: Follow Eagles News Now! :-). G’luck!

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