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START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 9 – #TWITTER STYLE - Fantasy Football Tips | Fantasy Football Advice | Fantasy Football Draft and Weekly Pickups Inside the Redzone


Bill Seng November 6, 2011 Comments Off on START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 9 – #TWITTER STYLE


Marion Barber | Goal Line back | sleeper

Marion Barber has scored 3 touchdowns in the 4 games he has played. (Photo by Casey Rhee)

We’ve been getting some difficult start and bench questions from the Twitter-verse from some of our loyal followers. Even though everything is in 140 character form, fantasy football questions can translate in more #traditionalblogging form too.
We’re publishing those questions and our answers here in this weekly space.
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This week, we were given a good possible explanation on what could be slowing Tim Tebow’s progression from @KRuggs520. The first several tweets we publish is his take on the matter.
@insideredzone He deserves a shot but Fox is not running the correct plays to make Tebow comfortable. Tebow works best at a shotgun semi…
…huddle offense like a 2 minute drill. It worked well the 1st series against Detroit and he was playin well. He got that..
..TD pass which was called back and what happened the next 4 series? They slowed the pace down and put him under center
…So yes, Fox gives him a fair chance but he needs to set up plays to Tebow’s strengths. Call short passes and screens.
…Let Tebow do a shotgun hurry up type offense and he’ll excel. He’s done it the 4th quarters he started in starting with…
…Houston last year when he brought them back 24 pts down. He almost did it in against SD couple weeks ago and he did it
…against Miami 2 weeks ago. But without McGahee, he has the worst supporting cast in the NFL.
@insideredzone AP on bye this week who do I plug in Torain or Bush (Raiders)? Maybe there’s a pick-up out there instead? #fantasyfootball
@andrewlipstein I go Bush. Good matchup against the Broncos. Has put up 600+ and 8 in games filling in for DMC. Good luck!
@insideredzone should I drop sam bradford for andy dalton or carson palmer? Or keep him?
@stevegamica I like Sam Bradford for the rest of the season, providing good health. Think U should keep him over Palmer. Did U get A. Brown?
@insideredzone somebody beat me too it. My team is pretty stacked. I have j finley and gates at te, should I trade one of them?
@stevegamica I wouldn’t, unless you get another good TE n return. Both guys are injury prone. Also it’s good 2 have a top 5 TE in yur lineup
@insideredzone 50/50 league, need to start 1 out of 3, Marion Barber, Taiwan Jones, or Ryan Grant?
@FFDraft 50/50 league, think I’d go Barber, Jones, & Grant. Sexier to pick Jones, but Barber’s GL looks is the safer “upside” pick. G’Luck!
@insideredzone From here on out, who should I keep Joe Flacco or Sam Bradford? Platooning with Matt Ryan.
@FFDraft Flacco has a tough schedule from here on out. Even Cleveland will not be a pushover thx to Joe Haden. Go for upside, go Bradford.
@insideredzone Is Bradshaw out for the season?
@michaelcohen21 No. But look at 2nd half of 2009 season. Was productive as flex. He’ll be a 10-12 touch guy. It’ll be more 50/50 from now on
@insideredzone Should I start Schaub or Rothlesberger at QB?
@KRuggs520 Schaub at home w/the better matchup. They’ll body blow the Browns all game long w/ the run. But Schaub capable of 275/2 TDs too
@insideredzone @FFHandcuffs thats where I had him. Flex? Torain, lynch, r.wayne?
@kyledennis Tough. Sort of like Wayne at home v #Falcons team giving up 11 TDs, but think Lynch is more for sure option, hope 4 a GL plunge.

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