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Dan Lehto November 3, 2011 Comments Off on START ‘EM & BENCH ‘EM WEEK 9


Joe Flacco | inconsistent | low end

The erratic Joe Flacco is a bench this weekend against the Steelers. (Photo by DGA Productions)


Columnist’s Rants

What are the Cowboys thinking? Honestly, what are they thinking? What’s more gross: Tony Romo’s performance with his stacked team or Chris Johnson’s? They are both brutal, but I would argue that Romo’s horrendous performance was more costly to fantasy football everywhere. Who did Romo choose to get the most involved against the Eagles? Dez “the superfreak” Bryant? Nope! Miles Austin or Jason Witten? Guess again! DeMarco Murray? Wrong. (Although he did average over 9 YPC on just 8 carries). Laurent Robinson was Romo’s guy. Tony & Dallas Cowboys staff: Please, please look at what that got you. A 34-7 loss at the hands of a division rival. Tony, if you are not going to force the ball to your studs, I would just assume you ride the proverbial pine. Stop getting the 5th guy involved already and play like you can!
This section is for recommendations on who to start/bench when it does not involve your studs. You always, always start your studs. Always! The one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned. If you have a bye week or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.

Guys I was right on last week:

Christian Ponder: He plays his best on 3rd down, so hope for lots of those in future weeks.
The passing games of the Steelers & Patriots: I was half right here. The Steelers passing attack was awesome. The Pats, well, they were really not good. I am not sure what to make of their attack. Dare I say they are becoming predictable?
Patriots RBs: Belichick has his man Kevin Faulk back. Great….
Maurice Morris: Mo-Mo was clearly better than Keiland last week and I would expect him to get double-digit carries after the bye week. There is no definitive timetable on Jahvid Best.
Michael Crabtree: He is looking good. Not as good as he did against Texas when he was with the Red Raiders, but he is looking much more like what I would have hoped out of him. Still not many are talking about him. Warm climate is great for catching passes in Nov & Dec.
Eric Decker: It was garbage points, but Tebow made up for only throwing it to Thomas last week by only throwing it to Decker this week.

Billy Cundiff: Another double-digit scoring week. It’s too bad he plays in such cold weather in December or he would be my #1 kicker the rest of the way.
49ers D: They will be a top notch defense, given their competition, the rest of the way.


Guys I was wrong on last week:

Tim Tebow: Still put up 12 points, which is not as bad as Cassel 2 weeks ago against the Raiders. Either way, it was pretty bad based on the team score.
Ryan Fitzpatrick: He wasn’t half bad last week. Still didn’t put up tremendous fantasy stats, but was better than Tebow.
Montario Hardesty: Hurt his calf 2 plays into the game. Injuries galore right now.
Knowshon Moreno: Bru-tal!!! The Broncos were awful less a few late minute plays.
Greg Little: Cleveland could not move the ball last week.
All Saints: As Fort Minor once sang, “Where’d you go? I miss you so…..” Just when owners start to trust in Colston again, he goes back to oblivion. Note to self: never start Colston.
All Cowboys including: DeMarco Murray, Dan Bailey, and Cowboys D: I should have said all Eagles. Haha! My rant to start this article says it all. Chris Harris spoke about it this week as well. Romo, if you won’t throw the ball to your studs, I will!!!!


Tim Tebow: I still believe. I don’t know why, but I keep thinking back to his press conference interview when FL had lost and he told them they would never see anyone work as hard as he did. He is going to do the same thing here. Take that Cowher!
Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, and Mike Williams: Tampa looked good against the Saints a few weeks ago and I would expect the same this week. Plus, they have Blount back. They won’t win, but they will keep it competitive.
Shonn Greene: The Jets have committed to the run and still have a strong O-line. Greene owners have been waiting all year to see this kind of performance. It could be worse…you could have CJ2K.
Willis McGahee (pending if he actually plays): He is back and they need him.
Marques Colston, Darren Sproles & Jon Kasay (of course Brees and Graham): The Saints will be revved up after that embarrassing loss last week. I expect 30+ points out of them in a shootout with the Bucs.
Jerome Simpson: He finally caught a TD last week and will get another against the Titans this week.
Cowboys WRs: Romo, don’t screw this one up. That’s not a question, but an ultimatum from Jerry Jones, Cowboys fans and fantasy football fans everywhere.
Cowboys D: Rob Ryan will be determined to clear his name after next week. I foresee T-Jack & Whitehurst combining for 4 INT’s and 2 fumbles. It is going to be ugly for Seattle.
Jets D: Contrary to what many think, I think the Jets are going to go to Buffalo and shut them down. They are prone to giving up yardage on the ground, but I don’t think they give up any TDs this week.
All Giants & Pats less the Pats D & running game: I am expecting that the Giants will have a big game here. Eli has looked really good lately, which is always a bad omen. Bradshaw will get his share via the pass. Jacobs won’t do much.
Hakeem Nicks, Marion Manningham, Victor Cruz, and Jake Ballard will all do well. Giants D will get to Brady. The Pats will still get their fair share, but in a losing effort. Brady will perform very average, but that means that Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, and Kevin  Faulk will get in the mix.
Most Ravens & Steelers: Start everyone not named Joe Flacco. This should be a fun one with lots of fantasy potential in all facets of the game. Cundiff should have a monster game. Funny to call out a kicker, but he is a machine!
All Packers & Chargers less their defenses: I am expecting a high scoring affair in which P. Rivers finally gets his groove back. Like how Stella did, but totally not related.
All Falcons: The Colts can’t stop anyone. Well, they can’t stop anyone that cares about playing football (CJ2K does not count here).
All Chiefs: I really don’t like Cassel, but with Jon Baldwin in the lineup, Jackie Battle playing well and Dwayne Bowe doing what he usually does, they are a good bet this week. I like them all and their D, headlined by Tamba and Flowers, are looking mighty stingy.
All 49ers: They are playing the Redskins and John Beck provided many reasons to not buy into what the Redskins have cooking.
All Texans: Big game in store for the Texans against the Brownies.


Mark Sanchez: He’s probably a must bench every week right now anyways, but don’t roll the dice this week.
Tony Romo: Can I request that a player have a lobotomy? Maybe then he will forget about the past and throw to his studs.
Joe Flacco: This guy is horrsible. Horrsible means worse than horrible. He is just so bad it’s like biting a lemon. It’s lucky he has a lot of talent around him or he would not last much longer.
Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills WRs: They are playing the Jets. Throwing against the Jets is not wise.
Chris Johnson: I have jumped on the bandwagon. CJ2K is so bad right now that I meet be able to beat him in a foot race. How do you get a bazillionaire to care? I actually don’t know this, so please tell me. I want to know.
All Rams and Cardinals: Steven Jackson and Larry Fitzgerald should roll. Beyond that, don’t dare to play any of the Rams or Cards.
All Browns: I like them overall, but they are going to get behind early and Colt McCoy cannot air it out deep.
All Redskins: John Beck + Ryan Torain + Roy Helu + Gaffney = Low fantasy totals
All Dolphins: No comment. They need Finkle & Einhorn!!!

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