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Sunday Double Takes Week 14

Inside the Redzone staff December 12, 2011 Comments Off on Sunday Double Takes Week 14

This was an eye witness depiction of the robbery suspect, accused of stealing a few fantasy games. (Illustration by stevegarfield)





Matt Ryan, Falcons – At the beginning of the year the Falcons force fed Ryan to be more of a spread it out quarterback like Brady, Brees, and Rodgers. Ryan responded with some ugly box scores. With the offense developing a rhythm, he’s come on very well as of late. Against the Panthers, he threw 322 yards and 4 scores. He looks to continue his solid play next week against Jacksonville at home.

Joe Webb, Vikings No one is going to use Webb anytime in fantasy, but he earns a double take because he looked good in relief of Ponder. He rushed 109 yards and a score and added one through the air as well, earning 23 points in 50/50 league scoring. With Tim Tebow doing well as a running quarterback, why didn’t the Vikings management explore this route with Webb?

Tom Brady, Patriots – He threw for over 357 yards, 3 scores, and an entertaining sideline blow up with the offensive coordinator. Brady is so precise with his passing. He’ll get a shot at the throwback style of the Denver Broncos next week. The more Patriots fantasy stars you own during the fantasy playoffs, the more likely you’ll win the whole thing this year.

Mark Sanchez, Jets We’ll squeeze Mark Sanchez in here as well. He passed for two touchdowns and ran for two. His is not a heavy yardage quarterback, but is really growing in the quarterback position. We could be seeing the beginning of Sanchez as a viable QB1. Will get sleeper/breakout 2012 status.



Schonn Greene, Jets – Greene is really maturing as a full-time running back who should have had a better day if it weren’t for Sanchez’s multi score game. Like Sanchez, Greene is coming on strong and could be a late 1st round running back selection or higher in next year’s fantasy drafts if he keeps this up. He put up 129 and a score, also adding 58 yards of receiving.

Ray Rice, Ravens – Rice had his usual all purpose game. Last week he totaled just over 200 yards and a score. This week he totaled 149 yards to go with a touchdown. People were expecting perhaps an even more explosive score this week from Rice, but he has been one of the most consistent A-level fantasy starters all year.



Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals – There is no question that John Skelton finds Fitzgerald better than Kevin Kolb. You cannot underestimate chemistry. Chad Henne never had it with Brandon Marshall and yet Matt Moore was able to connect with him. Skelton leaned on Fitzgerald as more than half of his passing yards went to Fitz, 149 yards and a touchdown.

Marques, Colston – Colston had several weeks without a touchdown, but the streaky receiver picked up two against the physical Titans. Colston also put in the yards, racking up 101 total. He can be hit or miss, but start him in the final two games, on the road in Minnesota and at home to the Falcons.

Nate Washington, Titans – Nearly a game time scratch, Washington helped rally the Titans back, only to fall short. He has 130 yards and a touchdown. He deserves to be put on all “Fantasy Sleeper” teams. The Titans have great match-ups in week 15 and 16.



Rob Gronkowski, Patriots – Does anyone understand that you have to treat him as a top wide receiver? Instead, we still see one on one coverage near the goal line. It’s remarkable. Gronkowski is becoming the most potent receiving touchdown threat since Randy Moss. He finished with 6 catches, 160 yards and two touchdowns.

Antonio Gates, Chargers – The original tight end touchdown machine, Gates put up two quick scores to help the Chargers coast to a 37-16 win over the Bills, who have given up big games to tight ends all year. Gates has looked healthy and productive as of late.





Josh Freeman, Buccaneers – We weren’t sure if he was going to play in this game or not, but after seeing what he did or didn’t do, maybe Tampa should’ve went with Johnson instead.  Freeman went for 181 yards and 2 interceptions, but did add 26 yards rushing and 1 rushing touchdown.  Those are some bad numbers if you had to start him in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills – Fitzpatrick ended the game with 176 yards and 2 interceptions.  In a lot of leagues that’s only 5 points.  Maybe the beginning of the year was a fluke and this is another case of a player getting paid, then taking the rest of the year off.

Christian Ponder, Vikings – Had a bad game, which ended with him getting pulled and replaced by Joe Webb.  Ponder ended the game with 115 yards passing and 2 touchdowns, but he also threw 3 interceptions and lost a fumble (two of these turnovers were cashed in the end zone by the Lions D).  In most leagues, these turnovers kill any QB’s production.



Detroit Lions Running game – With Javid Best on IR and Kevin Smith out, the Lions rolled with Maurice Morris and Keiland Williams.  These two backs combined for 56 yards.

Chris Johnson, Titans – CJ has been on this list a lot this year.  He had 11 carries for 23 yards on Sunday.  The only thing that saved CJ’s fantasy day is the 43 yards receiving he had, along with some groupie love after the game.  The sad thing is Jake Locker came in for an injured Matt Hasselbeck and had more rushing yards (36) than Johnson.

C.J. Spiller – This was supposed to be the time that Spiller was able to show off what he could do with Fred Jackson out.  Spiller ended the game 46 yards rushing and 10 yards receiving.

Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis – The Law Firm had 5 carries for 19 yards.  This was a very sad performance.



Vincent Jackson, Chargers – VJax continues to be boom or bust.  This week he went bust by racking up only 55 receiving yards.  It seems like he either gets 5 points or fewer or completely goes off.  Jackson has had 8 games this year scoring 6 or fewer points and 5 games where he scored 13 or more points.  He is one of those players that you want to pull your hair out when scoreboard watching.

AJ Green, Bengals – AJ Green was a great sleeper pick in most leagues and hopefully turned into a strong #2 WR on you fantasy team.  He had a letdown this past weekend by hauling in 5 catches for 59 yards.

Colts WR’s – (Reggie Wayne & Pierre Garcon) I wouldn’t be starting any Colts WR, but if you did,Wayne and Garcon let you down again.  Both of them scored 4 points each, with Garcon getting 46 yards and Wayne 41 yards, respectively.  If you’ve made it to the second round of the playoffs, do yourself a favor and bench both of these players.  If you don’t, I’ll come over to your house and curse you out in front of your family and friends.

Plaxico Burress, Jets – Mark Sanchez totaled 4 touchdowns and this guy doesn’t even get a catch? The guy only got 2 targets. Maddening!


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