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Teams’ Logos Show their Strengths and Weaknesses on the Field

Matt Hall February 25, 2012 Comments Off on Teams’ Logos Show their Strengths and Weaknesses on the Field

(photo provided by the Facey Family)

Minneapolis, MN  – Until the whistle blows on the final minute of the game, people will be talking about and making predictions for the Super Bowl game happening February 8, 2012. While the usual analysis will center around the teams’ on-the-field performances over the past season, it might be worthwhile to take a look at how the teams represent themselves off field — through their team logo.

After all, a logo is supposed to put into words and pictures the same characteristics that allow teams to win games and ultimately get to the Super Bowl to fight it out.

According to Sarah Steil, Co-Founder and designer at Be That Design in Minneapolis, MN, “Logos visually represent the values, personality, and unique strengths of a product, service, or company. It should also apply to football teams, especially at this level of competition. The first step is to identify those characteristics that will most clearly define success on the field.”

Let’s see how Steil evaluated the two powerhouses and see if her analysis can provide more insight into what might happen when these two teams meet for their second Super Bowl against each other.

Here’s how the teams breakdown based on 7 critical characteristics:

Offense: New England’s use of the revolutionary war soldier is an easy pick as the winner in this category. This iconic figure truly embodies the ideal of fighting for what is theirs against all odds and winning.

Defense: The blocky, wall-like “ny” certainly represents a top notch defense. With a strong shape, bold type, this logo is literally a wall that New England will have to break through. The Giants get the nod on this one.

Strength: With a name like “Giants” you might think this one is an easy victory, but if you look more closely, you start to notice the lowercase letters (not capitals) and the curvy characteristics of the font which take away from the initial impression of strength. On the other hand, while New England lacks a strong shape, the strong “stare down” expression on the face of the soldier says a lot. This one is a tie!

Speed: New England clearly has the advantage in this category since their fluid shape and red stripes communicate both aerodynamics and speed — the wall of NY is going to have a hard time competing, not to mention running.

Tradition: While both logos share common American colors, New England’s logo conjures imagery of our American history much more clearly. Fighting for America is a battle that can’t be lost — even to a Giant.

“In the Super Bowl of logos, New England is the clear winner with victories in offense, speed, and tradition. The Giants win only the defensive battle and the two tie in the strength contest. In the end, we’ll have to wait and see if the players live up to their teams’ logos.” said Sarah Steil.


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