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Tebow Takes from Twitter – UPDATED – TEBOW vs CHIEFS DEFENSE

Inside the Redzone staff November 12, 2011 Comments Off on Tebow Takes from Twitter – UPDATED – TEBOW vs CHIEFS DEFENSE


Tim Tebow | Twitter trends | @KRuggs520

@KRuggs520 gives his thoughts on Tim Tebow's impact on the other #Broncos skilled players.


Three weeks as a starter and Tim Tebow has put up two solid fantasy games and one we kindly place in the “ordinary column”. So what’s next for Tim Tebow? Is he just as enigmatic as the rest of the AFC West, not quite knowing what you are going to get even in juicy match-ups or will he be coming into his own?
We wanted to donate this space to one of our fav Twitter handles, Keith Ruggs. You can find him at @KRuggs520. Keith follows the Denver Broncos very closely and in a brief exchange over Twitter, we talked “Tebow Takes” (I know you are like seriously, stop with the mental Tebow towel twirling AND the annoying alliterations). In this exchange, he revealed who he thought would succeed as Tebow’s most reliable wide receiver option. If he has the time, perhaps we can update his column on a predicted Tim Tebow fantasy output for week 10 within the next 24 hours.

@insideredzone The delayed handoffs work well. When Raiders thought McGahee had it, they keyed on him and that gave Tebow running room on ..
@insideredzone the outside. I guess the Raiders were tired of chasing Tebow, on another delayed handoff, Raiders thought Tebow would run it..
@insideredzone McGahee went into BEAST MODE and broke not 1 but 2 runs. Thats what Denver needs to do, along with with some playaction…
@insideredzone rollouts. Which receiver worked best? I say Decker worked best. Would like to see him give the ball to other receivers…
@insideredzone D.Thomas and M. Willis gotta step it up.

UPDATED – @KRuggs520 Gives his take of Tebow versus the Chiefs D


@insideredzone KC defense 18th against the run. Expect Tebow and McGahee to have a good day now that the read option is in the offense..
@insideredzone .KC pass defense isnt that great ranked 21st. Against Miami last week Anthony Fasano managed to get 2TD…
@insideredzone I think Tebow will work on spreading out the ball to the TE’s. Like I said in order for Tebow to succeed in the passing….
@insideredzone game, more bootleg rollouts. he needs to be mobile a lot. If he’s stuck in the pocket most of the game, you’re taking…

@insideredzone away his ability to move around and keep the play goin to find a open receiver or run.

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