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Inside the Redzone staff November 19, 2011 1


Tim Tebow | Twitter trends | @KRuggs520

@KRuggs520 gives his thoughts on Tim Tebow's performance against the Jets.


We wanted to donate this space to one of our fav Twitter handles, Keith Ruggs. You can find him at@KRuggs520. Keith follows the Denver Broncos very closely. In this post, he gives an account of his #Broncos starts and sits and accurately predicted a good game from the Orange Crush defense against a struggling Mark Sanchez.


Just read McGahee is a go. I’m taking Lance Ball off my fantasy lineup
I’m taking a risk and starting the Broncos D. Sanchez been in a disaray lately. He’s getting heat from Rex Ryan and traveling to Denver…
in that high altitude with that breeze goin along with that rowdy Denver crowd is gonna give Sanchez problems.
TEBOW TIME!! HE DID IT AGAIN!!ALL HE DOES IS WINS GAMES!!! I was gonna wait till tomorrow afternoon to do a blog but I couldn’t wait….
I was one off of Tebow’s score. I predicted 15, he got 16. When Tebow was at the Jets 20 yd line at the Jets brought that big time blitz…
up the middle…THEY GOT CAUGHT!! All that running room on the left side and Tebow took advantage of it. I think Tebow broke Rex Ryan….
Ryan got TEBOWED!! People can say he plays horrible he can’t throw but bottom line is the kid wins games. On a personal note..Its about…
time these so called “analysts” and haters stop focusing on his stats, how he cant throw and how many low number completions he made and….
start looking at the fact that he at finds a way to wins games. Most of the credit goes to Denver’s defense, especially Von Miller. Mark….
will have nightmares of Miller throughout the week. Speaking as a Denver fan, this is a interesting 2nd half of the season.
Guys, Did I call it or did I call it?! Eight points on one play. All it takes is one.


Wendy | Tebowed | Bowled 180

A bowler who goes by Wendy did a 'Tebow' then proceeded to bowl a 180. (Photo by Queen of Subtle)


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  1. ffl insider November 19, 2011 at 11:41 am -

    I know you guys were down on Tebow vs Jets D but I went with again and was not disappointed in a TD heavy league. Since picking up Tebow I’m undefeated! I have Tebow fever!!!