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Bill Seng November 23, 2011 Comments Off on THE 2011 ALL TURKEY VULTURE TEAM


Plaxico Burress | touchdown vulture | goal line receiver

Plaxico Burress is scoring on an amazing 1 touchdown per 5 receptions. (Photo by Marianne O'Leary)


If you started a team from scratch, picked these guys up, and jumped in a touchdown heavy league, you might actually make some noise in the playoffs. Or if your waiver wire is thin and you just need a spot start for a quick six, then we might have your guy on this team.


The league is specializing to the point that there are guys who just do half of what Cris Carter did well: score touchdowns. These guys make our first All Turkey Vulture Team.


QB – Matt Moore, Dolphins – In 6 starts Moore has had two 3 touchdown games. Honoring the spirit of our ‘all or nothing team’, Moore has also had 3 games with 0 touchdowns. In those 3 touchdown games, Moore had 23 and 20 pass attempts. So for every seven passes attempted, Moore throws a touchdown. With some great match-ups ahead, and his starting running back being more of the scat back variety, Moore might have more 20 pass attempt-3 touchdown games in him.


RB1 – Marion Barber, Bears –  He was the ultimate touchdown vulture in the 2006 and 2007 seasons for the Cowboys, picking up 16 and 12 scores. This year, playing in 7 games, he has racked up 5 touchdowns. It makes you think how good Matt Forte’s season would be if Barber didn’t snipe all the touchdowns. With Cutler out and some good match-ups down the stretch, Barber could hit double digits.


RB2 – John Kuhn, Packers – The multi-dimensional, passing oriented Packers have goal line formations and John Kuhn has converted when his number has been called. He has 5 touchdowns this year: 3 on the ground and 2 through the air. The fan favorite totaled 6 touchdowns in 2010. This year he should exceed that. He scores a touchdown per 4 touches (5 on 20).

WR1 – Plaxico Burress, Jets – Burress has totaled 30 catches and 6 touchdowns thus far. That’s a touchdown per five receptions. His stats are a bit skewed with 3 against the Chargers in week 7. All 3 touchdowns came within 4 yards and in. He is the main reason why Shonn Greene has not scored that many times in 2011. Who needs a goal line runner when you have a goal line receiver?


WR2 – Nate Washington, Titans – Washington has always had a high touchdown per touch ratio. In 2010 he had 6 touchdown catches on 42 receptions. In 2009 he had 6 on 47 catches. This year, already achieving a career high in receptions, he’s totaled 5 touchdowns on 50 touches – one touchdown per 10 touches.


Honorable Mention – Calvin Johnson, Lions – He’s not a vulture, he’s a stud; that’s why he didn’t really make the team. Still, with an amazing 11 touchdowns on 59 catches, it’s fair to note this guy is a monster predator at the goal line.


FLEX – Josh Cribbs, Browns – A more “consistent” version of Plaxico. He has 4 touchdowns out of 28 receptions, which is Plaxico Burress-esque. He’s spread those scores out evenly though, with four touchdowns in four different games. With the Browns lacking an offensive identity, Cribbs is one of their best options near the goal line.


TE – Scott Chandler – He has put away 6 scores already and is infamous to fantasy owners for having putting up box scores like 2-35-2 TDs and 2-10-1 TD. On the season, Chandler has 6 scores on 26 catches, but has had his fair share of zero point games too.


Honorable Mention – Anthony Fasano, Dolphins – He’s matching Scott Chandler’s 1 touchdown per 4 catches with 4 in 17 receptions. It makes sense that Fasano is benefiting from our touchdown vulture quarterback, Matt Moore. He is the guy who is benefiting from Brandon Marshall’s low touchdown output of a whopping 2 so far this (out of 54 catches, giving Marshall a touchdown every 27 receptions) season.


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