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To Trade or Not to Trade?

Dan Lehto October 29, 2011 1


10 team league | Adrian Peterson | RB1

Vikings Adrian Peterson is NOT untouchable, but you better get a lot in return. (photo by Bill Seng)


Over my time in fantasy sports, there is one theme that has superseded all others. No, it’s not that the most well put together teams seem to always fall apart in the fantasy playoffs (which does happen frequently). It’s not that you sat the guys you should have started (which is a killer). It is none other than that most fantasy owners prefer to refrain from making trades. The purpose of this post is to try to define why it is that so many owners prefer to leverage the waiver wire, and the waiver wire only, for their transactions.

Fantasy owners have decided they like the power of not responding to other owners.


Come on people, would you not respond to those you do business with or family members? Respect. Even if the offer is stupid, politely decline. Respect. You never know, it could be the move that leads you towards getting the steal trade of the season.

Fantasy owners cannot stand the thought of losing in a trade.


Most often owners think another owner is trying to offer a bad deal to in order to help their own team and not the other. This can definitely be the case, which again, you should kindly decline. However, there are times that a trade could actually help both teams. It is like any aspect of business, each of us will have different needs and core competencies. Maybe you are weak at RB and your trading partner is weak at WR. Wouldn’t it only make sense to make a trade to round out both of your lineups? Sounds too easy, but yet never seems to come together.

Fantasy owners don’t know enough about players and trends.


If this is the case, do some homework. Or if you don’t want to put much time into it, talk to someone about it. It is not rocket science! Answers are out there, you just need to know who to talk to and what sites to use. Insidetheredzone.com has the best perspective, so if the ESPN, CBSSportsline or NFL.com crew want to debate this one, I am willing to go head-to-head at any point.


Fantasy owners simply don’t care.


To that I say, more power to you, but why did you get in a league in the first place? To have something to talk about? To be a part of the trend in society? Something else? Any of these answers are fine. They truly are, but you are missing out.

Give trades a chance!


The Muppets used to sing a song about giving food a chance, when some of their friends were scared of eating veggies. Don’t be afraid to make a trade or two. Get your number on the board and prove to the league you are willing to mix it up a little bit. Make mistakes. It’s ok. Life will go on. Just don’t continually make the same mistakes. You will learn from them. From my biased perspective I will tell you that your enjoyment of fantasy sports will go up ten-fold once you start utilizing more than just the waiver wire. Now, go out there and offer some deals!

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  1. John Mayer November 15, 2011 at 10:36 pm -

    This is the best article I have ever read! This writer really gets it.