Top 15 WR Index destroys Top 15 RB Index

Bill Seng September 9, 2013 2
Top 15 Receivers outperformed Top 15 Running Backs 16 Touchdowns to 8 in Week 1 of 2013

Top 15 Receivers outperformed Top 15 Running Backs 16 Touchdowns to 8 in Week 1 of 2013


Week 1 of the 2013 season is not official until the Monday night game is complete, but it’s a blowout, the index of Top Wide Receivers easily topped the index of Top Running Backs.

ESPN’s Final Average Draft Position ratings, has their top 15 receivers outperforming the top 15 running backs 16 total touchdowns compared to 8.

For 100 yard games it gets worse for running backs, the ESPN ADP Top 15 receivers totaled 6 – 100 yard receiving games. The ESPN ADP Top 15 running backs didn’t have a single runner break 100 yards rushing (Adrian Peterson came closest with a 93 yard effort versus the Lions).

For multi-touchdown games, the top 15 receivers had 5 players who recorded 2 or more touchdowns, the running backs only had 1, Adrian Peterson.

It does bring to mind, if the NFL game is now a passing league, wouldn’t you model your fantasy team after a typical successful NFL team? Then again it is only week 1.


  1. pancakeface September 9, 2013 at 2:26 pm -

    It’s about time someone pointed out just how Unpredictable RB’s can be. Blly Seng once again hits the hammer right on the head of the nail, square in the middle. Me, Pancake-Face always thinks once, then twice then even once again before I daft any back first other then the top 5 or so. Start with a good QB, then WR, then mix in a good back or two-

  2. ffl insider October 13, 2013 at 8:31 pm -

    Agreed. The pass happy NFL is what makes the RB position so inconsistent unless the RB has hands. But even so, those with Sproles-like qualities rarely seem to last a full season of pounding inside and out. You can’t have it all even in the NFL it would seem.

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