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Inside the Redzone staff November 15, 2011 Comments Off on TWITTER TEBOW TAKES – PREDICTION: TEBOW WILL THROW MORE


@KRuggs520 | Tim Tebow correspondent | Broncos


We wanted to donate this space to one of our fav Twitter handles, Keith Ruggs. You can find him at@KRuggs520. Keith follows the Denver Broncos very closely. In this post, he’ll recap the bizarre box score known as ‘2 for 8’ and talks briefly about Tim Tebow’s game against the New York #Jets.

2 for 8 over the weekend… a bunt hit and a home run

@insideredzone At first I sent @insiderredzone my pregame thoughts on what Tebow needed to do to beat KC. Well all plans was..
@insideredzone scratched when McGahee then Moreno were out. And most of you probably had McGahee in your lineup as well as Tebow….
@insideredzone If you were watching the Broncos game and most of you that had Tebow in your lineup were cursing at your TV wondering…
@insideredzone why Tebow’s not passing the ball more. I know I was.. I started him and I’m a 7 game winning streak. And I picked Decker up..
@insideredzone at the last minute. And it paid off well. Well I dont know how you’re scoring is in your leagues but with me having Decker…
@insideredzone I scored very well and hopefully my winning streak keeps goin. Hope you guys did well this week on your teams!


Thoughts on Tebow and the Denver Passing Attack versus the #Jets

@insideredzone Would’ve liked to see Tebow pass more Sunday. It baffled me at first why Denver was still running the ball when they…
@insideredzone lost their 1st and 2nd string running backs. But KC could not stop the run so Denver stuck with it. I think the total plays..
@insideredzone was 55 runs to 8 passes. The second one he completed to Decker was perfect. Should silence some critics that he can throw…
@insideredzone the ball. Will it limit Denver’s passing game starting with the Jets? It shouldnt. Denver needs to be more balanced which …
@insideredzone means Denver should have Tebow pass more like 15-20 passes a game, 3-5 step drops. He threw for 308 yds last year against…
@insideredzone Houston. Gotta give more chances to throw.

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