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RedzoneAdmin October 12, 2011 1


Cam Newston | Sell High | QB1

Cam Newton is turning into a weekly sure thing. (Photo by PDA Shot)



by Inside the Redzone staff – Dan Lehto

This section is for recommendations on who to start/sit when it does not involve your studs.  You always, always start your studs.  Always!  The one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned.  If you have a bye week, or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.


Guys I was right on last week:


Cam Newton: Easy one, I know; but he is the top dog.  He outscored virtually all other QBs!

James Jones: No one wrote about this guy, so this has to give me some street cred.  I got lucky, but I also started him, so boo-to-the-yeah!

Pierre Garcon: No comments needed.

Willis McGahee: Vintage, Hurricane form.  Note to Elway: Start Tebow!!! (Editor’s note:  Tebow is now officially the Denver starting QB).

Darren Sproles: He’s turned into a must-start play overnight.

Texans D: Had Schaub not wanted to give the ball away so much, they could have done even more.

Eagles D: Continue not starting them.  Drop them.  Let someone else waste a roster spot.



Guys I was wrong on last week:


Frank Gore: Still don’t trust him, but I do trust Harbaugh.  At this point I am starting to believe in all of the 9ers.  Vintage baby!

Shonn Greene: Was surprisingly average against NE.  Maybe he will get it figured out with the rest of the club.

Titans D: What in the wide world of sports happened to them last week?  They made Big Ben and his bad foot look all world! Earlier in the year, the Titans defense embarrassed Joe Flacco and the Ravens. The tide had turned on them in week 5.

Michael Bush: The Raiders must give the ball to their 2 studs more.  In time, they will.

Mike Tolbert: Couldn’t have planned for a concussion.




Pierre Garcon: As Gloria Estefan said, turn the beat around.  The Painter has done just that for Mr. Mt. Union.

DeAngelo Williams: He is about to explode.  He has had two nice weeks in a row.  Carolina is an interesting team the rest of the way.

Randall Cobb: It was James Jones last week.  It will be Reggie Cobb’s more slimmed down, quicker alter-ego this week.

Michael Crabtree: He is poised to breakout and Harbaugh will help in that.  The Lions are susceptible to big passing plays.

Antonio Brown: Another guy like James Jones.  Good stuff happening and he, unlike Jones, is the clear cut #2.

Mario Manningham & Jake Ballard: The Bills have to leave someone open and it won’t be Nicks, Cruz or Bradshaw.

Ed Dickson: He has a good thing going right now and Flacco needs another safety blanket on top of Ray Rice.

All Cowboys & Patriots: The Cowboys are healthy.  The most fun game of the week.  Hope the Cowboys can shock the Pats.

Vikings D:  Jared Allen is looking to set the single-season sack record this year.  I think he has 4.5 sacks in him for this game.

Giants D: Last week they sucked.  This week they will feast on Fitzpatrick’s dink & dunk mentality.

Bills D: They take one to the house about every week.




Ryan Fitzpatrick: He was hot early last year and faded.  I am concerned with his trajectory this year.  He is becoming predictable.  Defenses love that about as much as women hate it.

Owen Daniels & Matt Schaub: Note response above.

Mike Williams & Josh Freeman: How bad did they get beat by the 9ers?  It was only the 2nd most lopsided win in 9ers history.  That is saying a ton.  There are major issues with Tampa’s passing attack right now.

Jay Cutler: See Jared Allen above.

Peyton Hillis: Now’s the time to buy stock on Montario Hardesty.

Arian Foster: No he didn’t (pronounced: di-nt).  Yes I did.  I am scared of Baltimore’s defense at this point and I am a TV screen away sitting with my cat.

All Dolphins: Who is their QB again?

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  1. FFLDraft October 13, 2011 at 2:15 pm -

    I wouldn’t get on the D. WIlliams band wagon just yet. Both weeks he had a big play that accounted for almost half his points. Take those plays away and he was average at best.

    Crabtree? Doesn’t he still have issues with his foot?

    Garcon is a good call.