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Inside the Redzone staff October 20, 2011 2


Greg Jennings | WR1 | Great matchup

Greg Jennings takes on a reeling Vikings team in week 7. (Photo by Elvis Kennedy)


by Inside the Redzone staff – Dan Lehto
This section is for recommendations on who to start/bench when it does not involve your studs. You always, always start your studs. Always! The one time you play the matchup is the one time you get burned. If you have a bye week or don’t have studs to start, then this section is for you.

Guys I was right on last week:

Matt Schaub & Owen Daniels: The Ravens are a mean machine right now. I would even be scared of Billy Cundiff at this point. 20 points last week alone wasn’t bad either.
Peyton Hillis: Strike the chant for Peyton, “Season’s over….season’s over!” Grab Hardesty and reap the benefits.
Ryan Fitzpatrick: I want to root for the underdog from Harvard. I really do. It’s just not going to work for the entire season. Webster, no not Emmanuel Lewis, but the CB from NYG did a great job of bating Fitz to throw the long ball twice to Steve Johnson. Both times Fitz under threw it.
Michael Crabtree: Crabtree? More like crabgrass for much of his professional career. He is making strides and although he is catching a lot of shorter passes, he still doesn’t scare defenses.
Jake Ballard and Mario Manningham: The G-Men are just beginning to click. Wait until their defense is healthy. Game over for the NFC East.

Guys I was wrong on last week:

Pierre Garcon: Whoops jolly…jolly whoops! Didn’t perform horribly, but the fumble did not help matters.
Deangelo Williams: Carolina simply does not want to commit to the run with one RB. I still believe D-Will has some left in the tank, but was dead wrong last week.
Randall Cobb: Exciting player on an exciting team. Herein lies the problem: GB has too many exciting players. Great problem to have, but tough for fantasy glory beyond Rodgers and Jennings.
All Cowboys and Patriots: Did that game really happen? I keep telling myself that the score was actually 50-48. Why Romo didn’t start heaving the ball to Bryant under double and triple coverage is a mystery to me. The whole game was pretty ho-hum. Very disappointing.
Josh Freeman: Where did that come from? Maybe Earnest Graham was the missing link all year…And maybe I should be CEO of Google. Graham has a better shot of changing the Bucs ways.
Vikings D: I was off by a mile here. It is amazing at just how bad the Vikings can be when they put their mind to it. I think I am going to start at safety for the Vikes against the Pack this weekend. Note: I am 5’10” and can run a 6.0 40.



Tim Tebow, Willis McGahee, Eric Decker, & Broncos Defense: I believe in Miami this little. Plus, with Tebow at QB for his homecoming, how can they not roll this weekend? The only thing that could make it better is if Rick Reilly was there for his ESPN special.
Pierre Garcon: He totally redeems himself this week.
Marques Colston and Lance Moore: Indy is not going to stop Brees and these two, alongside of the obvious start of Graham, will reap many benefits.
Packers WRs: Did you see the Vikes defense last Sunday night? Devin Hester looked like a Pro Bowler.
Jabar Gaffney: Not sure how I feel about Beck, but the matchup has potential for him to do what he has been doing. 5 straight games of 50+ yards. You could do a lot worse.
Dane Sanzenbacher: 3 touchdowns in his last 5. He is one of Cutler’s favorite targets.
Steven Jackson: Cowboys are stout against the run, but I have a hunch that Brandon Lloyd and Lance Kendricks are going to free up some running room for S-Jax.
Montario Hardesty: I have been talking about this guy for awhile now. He is not going to get hurt again and Hillis is done-zo in Cleveland. Colt will throw to him a lot.
Demarco Murray: His numbers weren’t incredible last week, but he made much more of his touches than either Felix or Tashard last week. Plus, he is playing against the Rams this week. I like him this week.
Earnest Graham: He has great hands and good power. He will get 20+ touches, which is more than you can say for most running backs this season.


All Seahawks, Jaguars, and Chargers: This includes MJD, Ryan Matthews, Rivers, V-Jax, & Gates. Just don’t do it. Avoiding the Jets & Ravens defenses is a wise move.
Mike Williams: I don’t care how many times this guy says he is playing badly and it is going to change. He gets a lot of looks and does nothing with them. He is reeling in under 50% of the balls thrown his way, is under 10 yards per catch and has 1 TD. As ESPN would say, Come on Man!
Percy Harvin: The Vikes refuse to make him the focal point he should be on pass plays. Ponder might be able to help, but he is much better than he is allowed to be thus far.
Beanie Wells: Tough matchup against an upstart Steelers squad. Find another option this week.
Jackie Battle: Another difficult matchup and this is one waiver wire pickup that I have no interest in.
Daniel Thomas: He plays for the Dolphins.


  1. FF Handcuffs (@FFHandcuffs) October 22, 2011 at 1:19 pm -

    Chris Cook just announced out for this weekend’s game against the Packers. Think you start every Packer WR with confidence. Even Donald Driver if you are absolutely thin at that spot. Think Percy Harvin is worth a start because of garbage time and nice chemistry he exhibited with Ponder in week 6.

  2. Alex October 23, 2011 at 10:37 pm -

    Good calls. Very accurate predictions!