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Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups

Inside the Redzone staff October 18, 2011 2

Montario Hardesty | Waiver Wire Pick up | 1st claim

Montario Hardesty looks poised to be the Browns new starting running back. (Photo by Tennessee Journalist)


by Inside the Redzone staff – Bill Seng


When writing these, sometimes I wonder if I’m beating a dead horse. We’ve mentioned all three running backs in previous waiver wire pickup posts and have also mentioned Greg Little (a lot actually), Jake Ballard, and even Fred Davis (whose ownership should pick up because of Chris Cooley’s injury and coming off a bye week). That said, we can recommend with certainty two young receivers who would look good on a fantasy bench. Finally, we do have something new. For this week we got a Cut Bait section. It will eventually be its own stand alone post, starting next week.

Good luck on the waiver wire and remember to make that claim!


Running Backs

Montario Hardesty – Browns – An effective grinder, but doesn’t catch the ball well. If you aren’t a break away back or don’t get goal line chances, how are you going to get points? I like the pickup, but if I were in a free agent bidding system, I wouldn’t break the bank for the guy, unless you are hurting at running back.

Demarco Murray – Cowboys – You know, I really like this guy. He did not have a good yard per carry against the Patriots, in the sub 2.0s, but he runs decisive and makes clean cuts. He is also a good receiver out of the backfield and most importantly, Jerry Jones seems to like him, so he should get opportunity. He’s the Cowboy running back you’d want between himself and Choice.

Tashard Choice – Cowboys – If he stays a Cowboy, I don’t like him, but if he’s traded – say to the Chiefs – I really would. For whatever reason Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to like the guy. He does fumble at the wrong time, but he does a lot of things well. Again, it would be purely a speculative pick up. If the Cowboys don’t trade him, give him one week (on the bench) to see how that backfield shakes out.


Wide Receivers

Greg Little – Browns – Won’t expound too much, because we’ve been pimping the guy heavy here in recent weeks. If he’s there on the waiver wire, make him your first waiver wire claim. This week 6 catches for 72 yards on 12 yargets; sort of a poor man’s version of Anquan Boldin in Boldin’s rookie year.

Arrelious Benn – Buccaneers – I’m hearing some comparisons to Devery Henderson, but I actually like Benn more. Henderson is a deep bomb threat. Benn, a 2nd round pick in 2010, has proved he can run after the catch well and get one deep. With coverages rolling a bit to Mike Williams, Benn has seen more open field on the slant. Benn is in his second year, so we don’t quite know what we have yet in him. We do know so far in 2011, he is better than Mike Williams.

Greg Salas – Rams – This time around, rookie Greg Salas, looked and played more crisp and on the same tempo as his quarterback, Sam Bradford. It looked good. A definite pickup in PPR leagues. Something definitely clicked for Salas over the bye.If you want a slot receiver who can get you 6-8 points in a pinch in any league, put in a claim.

James Jones – Packers – He’s not going to catch a lot of passes unless one of the other receivers gets hurt, but 3 straight games and a touchdown and another week of teams on byes and he’s pick up worthy.


Tight Ends

Jake Ballard – Giants – We mentioned him last week. Again, the Giants don’t have a pure slot wide receiver, so they are letting Jake Ballard be that guy. The Manning brothers love to throw to the tight end, even brother Cooper when he’s rocking Madden 12 with a PS3 controller.

Fred Davis – Fred Davis is a great athlete, whose talent was not getting fully utilized in recent games. The ‘Skins were coddling, Chris Cooley’s ego a bit by letting him in on targets. Now with Cooley shelved with an injury, Fred Davis should put together consistent weekly yardage totals with decent scoring chances, especially if the Redskins running game doesn’t establish a clear pecking order.



Cut Bait

Jason Campbell – Raiders – Unfortunately Jason Campbell will be out for the year due to a broken collar bone he had in the Browns game. Get Well Jason.

Antonio Brown or Emmanuel Sanders  – Steelers – They were preseason sleepers and are talented, but with Hines Ward around taking touchdowns and Ben not really a top 5 fantasy passer, I’d drop them for now. Unless an injury befalls someone on that receiving corps, it’s hard to feel good about starting one of those guys.

Curtis Painter – Colts  – If he’s not getting yards after the catch from his receivers or connecting on a deep pass, he’s not piling up the points. I’d put Painter on waivers and pick up Sam Bradford (now with Brandon Lloyd) or Matt Cassell if they are free agents.


  1. Matt Hall October 18, 2011 at 3:38 pm -

    I like James Jones because the Packers are playing the Vikings this week. That has to count for something.

  2. Robby October 18, 2011 at 10:10 pm -

    I think Jackie Battle should be on the list, he is the hot hand in KC. If he gets 12-15 touches, he should put up decent numbers.